Play Chess With Lasers When Deflection Launches Later This Year – TheGamer

Deflection adds a little spice to your typical round of Chess by giving you pieces anyone can move and adding in a destructive element. One-man independent studio Coreffect Interactive recently announced Deflection, its first project, a turn-based strategy game based on classic board gameslike Laser Chess and Khet. The PC release date is set for sometime in the summer of this year, and you can now wishlist the game on its live Steam page.

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Chess Looks Wild In 2021 – Kotaku

This week we figure out how tall the very big lady from Resident Evil Village is, flip out a Bernie chair, learn what games will be free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers this month, buy 900lbs of PlayStation consoles and check in on chess YouTube in 2021. I cant wait for this MOBA to become really popular and spawn a mod that then spawns a MOBA that then spawns a new auto chess game that then spawns a card game that then spawns... G/O Media may get a commission This is why Im proud to work at Kotaku

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Chess is thriving in lockdown Northern Ireland following the success of Netflix miniseries The Queen's Gambit. The show, which follows the career of chess prodigy Beth Harmon (Anya-Taylor Joy), became an unexpected hit for the streaming service, and has been watched by over 62 million people since it landed in late October. The show's success has led to an increase in people playing the game throughout the world, with Northern Ireland being no exception

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Chess: Two cases of cancel culture – TheArticle

At the climax of the 1978 World Chess Championship, which I recalled last week in my column on The Great Yoghurt Gambit, I was approached by Dr Max Euwe, President of FID (Fdration Internationale deschecs), The World Chess Federation, with a singular proposition. Having started catastrophically and going four wins to one down, Viktor Korchnoi, the Soviet defector, had fought back to level the scores at five wins each against the defending Champion, Anatoly Karpov, the golden boy of the USSR chess establishment.

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