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Chess Puzzles

So you havent had company over at your place in a while? While it may not be safe to host large gatherings just yet, why not get a head start preparing for the next big get-together with the right entertainment? Its always game night with these discounted toys, games, and puzzles! During the Pre-Black Friday Sale, you can get any of the deals below on sale for 15% off if you use code SAVE15NOV.

Who doesnt love a good robot? The T9 is fully programmable, transforms between robot and vehicle, walks, and so much more.

Get the Robosen T9 Programmable Robot for $339.99 (reg. $499) with code SAVE15NOV.

Tabletop card games are experiencing a new renaissance, and you can get a dog in the race when you play Farting Frenchies. Made for two-four players and fun for kids seven and up, this is the perfect card game for parties, game nights, or those quiet nights in.

Get Farting Frenchies: A Card Game for $16.99 (reg. $24) with SAVE15NOV.

The Dancebot lives up to its name with every pop. twist, and turn. This adorable dancing robot reads bedtime stories, audiobooks, and nursery rhymes to entertain kids nine-99.

Get the Dancebot Dancing Robot for $42.49 (reg. $79) with code SAVE15NOV.

Its a beautiful take on one of the oldest games around. Make your gambit with smoky grey and crystal-clear chess pieces.

Get a Crystal Chess Set for $135.99 (reg. $300) with code SAVE15NOV.

Finally a drum set that doesnt make you cycle through roommates and neighbors every week. Totally noiseless without losing immersion or the genuine drumming experience, this is the only set thats going to let you practice for 10 hours straight without making a peep.

Get the PocketDrum Bluetooth Drum Sticks for $101.11 (reg. $139) with code SAVE15NOV.

For the first time, you can carry around a guitar without dragging around a heavy case, let alone an actual guitar. Connect PocketGuitar to your app and jam out.

Get PocketGuitar Bluetooth-Enabled AI Guitar for $29.71 (reg. $40) with code SAVE15NOV.

Get the best of golf and party games with this backyard set. Combining everything you like from beer pong and mini-golf, bring your party to life and putt your friends in their place.

Get PutterBall Backyard Golf Game for $161.49 (reg. $189) with code SAVE15NOV.

Bust out Drama Mayhem at your adults-only party and see another side of your friends. Pick a scenario, spice it up, and see how your improv skills improve with every beverage.

Get Drama Mayhem: Adult-Only Version for $16.99 (reg. $29) with code SAVE15NOV.

Build your own flux capacitor with this quick kit. It comes with LED that light up just like Doc Browns in Back to the Future.

Get a Flux Capacitor with Animated LED Lights Kit for $46.74 (reg. $64) with code SAVE15NOV.

Youll always have the high ground with these laser sabers! Realistic battle sounds and 11 different colors make these the perfect gift or the best way to spend a night.

Get the Cyber Blade: Alpha Grip Light Saber for $123.21 (reg. $199) with code SAVE15NOV.

These blasters come with a precision gyroscope for motion tracking, a rapid low-latency connection and over 100 games you can use them for, including GTA: San Andreas, Halo, and a lot more.

Get the Arkade FPS Motion Blaster for $110.49 (reg. $129) with code SAVE15NOV.

Draw 300 cards from the legendary trading card game. Build a new deck or just add to your collection with these two holo rares, two reverse holos, five rares, 200 energy cards, and 90 common and uncommon cards.

Get a 300-Piece PokmonCards Pack for $39.06 (reg. $69) with code SAVE15NOV.

This nature-themed 500-piece puzzle is the missing piece to your gentle afternoon inside. A challenge but not a frustration, this puzzle has replay value or could even take a frame.

Get Puzzledly Nature-Themed 500-Piece Puzzles (Be Groovy) for $16.99 (reg. $20) with code SAVE15NOV.

This 1,000-piece high-gloss puzzle is a beautiful addition to any collection or any kitchen table. The box even comes with a bonus poster of the puzzle so you can have art you love and a game you adore.

Get Puzzledly 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for $21.24 (reg. $25) with code SAVE15NOV.

Five hundred pieces is the perfect number for a puzzle this pretty. You can see and enjoy the full picture in shimmery gloss without struggling for days while wondering if you dropped a piece on the floor.

Get Puzzledly 500-Piece Puzzles for $16.99 (reg. $20) with code SAVE15NOV.

Puzzle lovers have finally found their match with this set of five 1,000-piece puzzles. Piece together beautiful pictures of roses on a hillside, fruit, or swirling stylized images from nature.

Get the Puzzledly 1,000-Piece Collection: 5 Jigsaw Puzzles for $75.64 (reg. $125) with code SAVE15NOV.

Its a battle-ready sword that glows in 11 different colors, what more could you ask for? Star Wars enthusiasts can re-enact their favorite scenes, challenge their friends, or finally take a seat on the council as a master.

Get the Cyber Blade: Dagger Laser Sword for $90.94 (reg. $145) with code SAVE15NOV.

FLUSTER is the card game you play when you want to come to a party with a friend and leave with a crowd. This pack comes with 100 questions thatll inspire the best stories and connections between friends and strangers all in a compact size you can carry from party to party.

Get FLUSTER: The Social Card Game for $21.24 (reg. $35) with code SAVE15NOV.

Carry your guitar teacher with you wherever you go with the Jamstik. A tactical D-Pad and spring-loaded strings gives you that authentic guitar feeling without the weight or the lost space.

Get the Jamstik Guitar Trainer for $169.15 (reg. $229) with code SAVE15NOV.

Its a new take on the classic game! Power Hour Tower comes with 48 hardwood blocks with unique challenges, games, and tasks printed on each block.

Get Power Hour Tower Adult Party Game for $28.04 (reg. $34) with code SAVE15NOV.

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