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Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-10-24 20:03 (JST)Translated by. Ryuki Ishii

Japanese game developer T.Okawa opened the Steam store page for their new game Choushogi (), which can be translated into something like Super Shogi. According to the information listed on the Steam page, the game is coming out on November 8, and it will only support Japanese.

Shogi, also known as Japanese chess, is a board game played by two players, where each person tries to checkmate the opponents king piece. Each piece has a different move set and unlike Chess, captured pieces can be returned to the board by the capturing player.

However, Choushogi pretty much do away with the original ruleset and introduces physics-based gameplay that can be played without the knowledge of Shogi. You move the pieces by launching them like cannons. Two players take turns to hit the opponents pieces, and the game is won when the opponents king piece falls off the board.

Each piece still has its own movement, for example, the rook can only move orthogonally, and the bishop can only move diagonally. However, moving distance is determined by the charge and release input done by the players. Timing is key here, because overcharging will weaken the launching power. Apparently, you can launch a piece like a catapult by using another piece as a foundation.

The game will include online PvP and single-play Tsume Shogi mode. The former will let you play against other players online. You can also play against your friends by making a private room. Tsume shogi is akin to Chess puzzles, but in this case, your objective is to knock all of the opponents pieces off the board within a certain number of turns.

You can check out the games Steam store page from here.

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Physics-based Japanese chess game is coming to Steam on Nov. 8 - AUTOMATON WEST

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