Magnus Carlsen moves forward in the Chess World Cup, but …

Magnus Carlsen

The $ 1.9 million ( 1.38 million) World Cup of 206 in Sochi has so far been the graveyard of the Top 10 Grandmasters, seizing the opportunity for a herd of teenage talent to boost their reputation. Im out.

After three rounds, the number of original applicants was reduced to 32, and the worlds elite representatives were beaten and decimated. Round 4 began on Thursday, with five teenagers still hunting and a quarter of the field under the age of 22, but only one of the top four seeds still remains. However, the established order can still be serious. Of the 32, 10 are Russians, led by experienced Alexander Grishuk, 7 are seeded and 10 are Sergey Karjakin.

Its only survivor of top seeds Magnus Carlsen, World Champion quietly advanced to 4/4 and apologized and explained that he was really playing the tournament, as well as practicing his next title match with Ian Nepomniach.

Levon Aronian, the third seed, had already enthusiastically withdrew before the start. The worlds second-largest Fabiano Carana, Indonesias opponent Susant Megarant tested positive for Covid-19, but the worlds chess group Fide was notified of an hour of play. Later, I canceled the first match. The game has started. Karanas subsequent virus test was negative, as was the third round when she was knocked out of first place by Rinat Jumabayev in Kazakhstan.

Fourth-seeded Anish Giri was eliminated 2-0 by 16-year-old Nodirbek Abdusatlov from Uzbekistan as the teenage wave wiped out the elite. Another Uzbek rising star, Jabokir Sindarov, 15, had already knocked out Alireza Jahanbakja, who is seen by many as a clear heir to Karlsen. Sindalovs 22 f4-f3 strategic vision!Widely praised..

Play begins daily at 1:00 pm BST and can be followed, including commentary by Nigel Short. On the official website..

No. 6 seed Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and No. 1 Azerbaijan were eliminated in a speed tiebreaker by Armenias No. 8 Haik Martirosyan, who turned 21 at the start of the tournament. Of the top nine seeds, only Grishuk (No 5) and Frances Maxime Vachier-Grab (No 7) survived Round 4 with Karlsen, and the French died suddenly of Armageddon before winning 5-4. David Parabian of Russia who had to cross the whole distance to the decision maker.

Indias Rameshbab Pragnananda, 15, who meets Basier Laglav in the fourth round, is also a top-notch talent, and his victory over Polish veteran Michal Krasenkou is a good example of how to use open files and diagonals. did. Overwhelm the enemy king..

As the tournaments business nears its end, stakes on future opportunities will increase. Two finalists qualify for the next World Title Candidate, and the remaining eight qualify for the next Fido Grand Prix, another candidate route. Karlsen is ineligible and can complicate the subject.

Meanwhile, the 103 Womens World Cup reached final 16 on Thursday, with little form confusion, in contrast to the boys. Top seeds Russias Aleksandra Goryachkina and Kateryna Lagno have so far made good progress using the credible formula of drawing as black and winning as white. Germanys No. 1 Elisabeth Paehtz Catch the central black king with 14 Bb5 +! But the first match of Thursdays fourth round was shocking. Goliath Chikina is often beaten by former Bulgarian world champion Anto Aneta Stefanova and is in a winning position on Friday.

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Next weekends World Cup semifinals will coincide with the opening round of the $ 100,000 Chessable Masters online sponsored by a successful online learning platform with several top GMs among the authors. Play begins at 4 pm BST near the end of the World Cup match, and the field so far includes former US champions Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So. The youngest grandmaster in history (12 years old) Abhimanyu Mishra, Womens World Champion Ju Wen Jun and Nova Philoja.

International outboard chess will return to England next month Northumbria Masters At Gateshead from August 26th to 30th. The open event has a prize of 3,000, while other tournaments are less than 1500 minors (prize of 750) for the average and weak player. Two all-play-alls are subject to GM and IM results.

3773 1 Qg5! g6 (for Qxg5 2 Rxd8 mate) 2 Qh6! gxf5 3 Rg4 +! fxg4 4 Bxh7 + Kh8 5 Bg6 + Kg8 6 Qh7 + Kf8 7 Qxf7 Mate.

Magnus Carlsen moves forward in the Chess World Cup, but Seed falls into a new talent | Magnus Carlsen

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Magnus Carlsen moves forward in the Chess World Cup, but ...

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