Exclusive| Inspired by Magnus Carlsen, 12 year old Abhimanyu Mishra aims to be World Champion one day – Times Now

Magnus Carlsen

abhimanyu Mishra aims to be World Champion  |  Photo Credit: ANI

Abhimanyu Mishra spent the last two and a half months in Budapest with only one mission in mind, to be the youngest chess grandmaster and he couldnt be happier with his achievement. It feels amazing, we have been here for the last two months and it feels like a war because my mother and sister are back home in America. The huge burden that was there, that I needed to break, is finally over, says Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu, at just 12 years is a grandmaster but his journey started when he was just 2.5 years old. He describes it in his own words, My dad started teaching me how the pieces move, at 5 years I fully understood the rules of the game and played my first tournament. The Kasparov foundation was a learning process as it was amazing to be in the same room as Gary Kasparov.

Inspired by Magnus Carlsen, Indian origin American Abhimanyu has dreams of being a world champion one day. I look upto Magnus Carlsen. The way hes been dominating for the last 10 years and become world champion has been amazing. Theres been only few cases where people have come close to him.

Born to Indian parents, Abhimanyu talks is through his India connection as everyone celebrated his success. My father was born in Bhopal and mother in Agra. We have relatives in India and when I became the grandmaster there were celebrations with my Indian family too, it was amazing.

Like other sports, chess too was affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic with tournaments cancelled and Abhimanyu calls it the worse 14 months for him, This time has been terrible. When I became an international master I was hoping to become the Grandmaster with a bigger margin but covid-19 came in and I couldnt play anything but I learned a lot and when the tournaments started I was able to use all the techniques.

He may just be 12 years old but he already has his future laid out for him, My current goal is to be a super grandmaster but the eventual aim is to be world champion one day.

Talking about world champions, mention of Vishwanathan Anand is inevitable and Abhimanyu hopes and wishes he will be able to talk to him soon.

Majority of 12 year olds are thinking about video games and plans with friends, Abhimanyu knows its only about chess for him even though he tries to take out time for a bit of Harry Potter, Yes I have recently started reading the Harry Potter book but I dont find time for anything else. Its just about chess, chess and only chess for me.

Abhimanyu misses his mother and sister deeply, but hes preparing for the next tournament, World Cup in Russia for which he leaves in a couple of days before he can head back home to them

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Exclusive| Inspired by Magnus Carlsen, 12 year old Abhimanyu Mishra aims to be World Champion one day - Times Now

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