Joe Burrow is so competitive he’s trash talking teammates about…chess – Bengals Wire


Joe Burows competitive streak is a big part of the reason hes on track to start the regular season in Week 1 despite his rehab from a season-ending injury.

Its also part of what made him so appealing to the franchise in the draft and now to teammates, too.

Understandably, this competitive fire translates to off the field, where Burrow even trash talks teammates like C.J. Uzomah overchess?

The Athletics Paul Dehner Jr. shared the fun note from the veteran tight end:

The good thing I can say is we have been talking crap about chess right now. We havent played yet but he thinks hes good at chess. He probably watched Queens Gambit. I have been playing chess for longer than that. I think Ive probably got him on that. He knows I like traveling a lot and he will hit me with, So, where we going? You going somewhere and going to get another dumb tattoo? I say yes the majority of the time.

In other words, while Chad Johnson just had his first pro boxing match, maybe Burrow will land in the chess scene after his football career.

Kidding aside, its always fun to get a look at the players behind the scenes and this comment from Uzomah about the teams franchise passer doesnt come as much of a shocker.

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Joe Burrow is so competitive he's trash talking teammates about...chess - Bengals Wire

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