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Beat the King's Indian Defence using the Saemisch Variation

Biswa Kalyan Rath, a very popular stand-up comedian who is also an ardent chess enthusiast, joined in this streaming lesson with IM Sagar Shah. The two got help from GMJan Werle, whose latest Fritztrainer is designed tohelp even players who are not that highly rated understand the concepts to a much greater depth.

Who is GM Jan Werle? He is a professional chess trainer, coach and author. In 2008 he became EU-champion in Liverpool and reached his peak rating of 2607. Hereafter Jan finished his law studies, obtaining two master degrees in civil and commercial law, before he commenced with his job as a lawyer. However, his main passion, chess, prevailed and led to a comeback. He is, inter alia, giving chess lessons online to pupils worldwide, but also in schools. He enjoys helping his students and watching them improve. Jan combines his teaching with playing tournaments, to keepup his own level.

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Jan Werle: Beat the King's Indian - Chessbase News

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