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Belgium and the UK are more likely to beat the euro this summer, according to a study by US firm Graysonot. France comes in third.

The French team is the world champion, with an incredible staff on paper, but according to Greshenot, it is not the Euro No. 1 favorite. The US company has released a statistical study before the start of the competition, which puts the blues in third place among the most serious candidates for the title.

According to Grayson, Belgium and England are in the lead, with a 14% chance of winning the tournament. So France follows with 12%, followed by Spain (10%), Italy (9%), and Portugal (8%), becoming the defending champions. Note that Denmark (7%) has a higher presence than Germany (6%) or the Netherlands (5%).

How did the company come to these ratings? He relied on his own rankings, using an elo method chess to get a win, draw or loss percentage for each match, and then he simulated the match a million times. Of these million times, Belgium often ended up with the title.

This simulation allowed Greshenote to make the most possible final list: England-Belgium topped (2.9%), England-Italy (2.8%), Denmark-Belgium (2.8%), France-Belgium (2.7%), then England-France (2.6) %).

As RTPF, These predictions should be taken with a pinch of salt, because before the 2018 World Cup, Crescendo was the big favorite (24%), Spain (11%), Germany (9%) and Argentina (9%). Four teams who didnt even watch the semifinals.

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Belgium and England are favorites according to a study - The Press Stories

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