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Toplitz Productions and developer Tunnel Vision Studio revealed this week their next game Starsand will be coming to Early Access. The game takes cues from a few different sci-fi novels, most prominently Stargate as part of the inspiration. The game is a first-person survival adventure title where you're stranded on a harsh desert world you've never seen before. Dealing with the immense heat and the vast emptiness around you that is simply a void filled with sand, you'll have to find ways to make weapons and defend yourself against strange creatures, All while exploring the planet and looking for a way to get back home to Earth. You can read more about it below as the game will be released sometime in Q4 2021.

Inspired by classic sci-fi works likeJohn CarterandStargate,Starsandtells the story of a stranger in an even stranger land. A desert marathon runner seeks shelter from a sandstorm, only to wake up under unfamiliar stars, with the light of two moons gleaming in the sky, illuminating familiar pyramids far on the horizon. Survival is just the beginning. To return home, the many mysteries of this planet must be unraveled.

A massive otherworldly desert landscape to explore. Navigate over 64 km terrain.

Discover a world full of lost monuments, strange artefacts and creatures both modern and ancient.

Awaken your survival instincts in this challenging environment. Brave the blazing sun, freezing nights, brutal sandstorms and .

Scavenge, gather, harvest and craft. Protect your body and your new home against the dangers of this harsh desert world.

Unpredictable weather and an impactful day/night cycle put planning at the forefront. Prepare well for every expedition and all you might encounter.

Unravel a thrilling sci-fi adventure. Discover ruins, piece together the truths of this world, solve puzzles and journey deeper into the unknown.

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Starsand Is Headed To Steam Early Access In Q4 2021 - Bleeding Cool News

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