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International Day of Families is celebrated on 15th May to raise awareness against the issues related to families. So, lets strengthen our bonding with family by these easy ways amid the COVID 19 scenario.

International Day of Families is celebrated each year on 15thMay all around the world. This day was first in the year 1993 by the UN General Assembly to raise awareness about the issues relating to families.

COVID 19 has again hit the country with its second wave which is resulting in several affected cases with fatalities. In such scenario, being at home is the safest option to survive, but there are many families that are not in good terms with each other due to their personal conflicts. This may cause more severe stress and anxiety amongst people. So, this International Day of Families, lets try to create good bonding with each other in our family to have a blissful life and stay stress-free amid this COVID 19 crisis. So, here are some ways to strengthen your family relationship.

Cook meal together

Get some delicious recipes and prepare them with your mom together. While the preparation is being done, you two will get to talk to each other about different aspects of cooking which will apparently lead to a happy relationship.

Household chores

Provide a hand for help to your parents to clean up the house, declutter stuff and organise rooms. Cleaning house together is a great way of building a good relationship with your family members.


Workout has been the most essential part of our life amid this crisis. So, while you doing some physical activities, include your family members with you as well so that a great relationship gets built up along with health.


There is a plethora of different games that you can play to incorporate your families together. Ludo, different card games, chess, carom, puzzles, quiz, poker etc. are some of the examples that you can take ideas from.

Watch movies

Watching movies is the easiest options to spend some quality time with your dear and near ones. But choose something which is preferred by all of your members to sit and watch together.

Try a new hobby together

From gardening to painting, dancing, singing to baking, you and your family members can pick a hobby to indulge in together. You guys will not only learn something new but that will also create a blissful relationship amongst all the family members.

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