First Ever Chess-Focused Sports Agency Launched – World Chess


World Chess, thecompany behind thegame-changing rise inthepopularity ofchess andtheorganizer oftherecent Chess Championship Matches inNew York andLondon, launches achess-focused sports marketing agency. Its theworlds first sports agency focused exclusively on chess.

Theagency, Chess andCompany, represents top chess talent andevents, andaims tohelp brands across transport, technology, retail, hospitality andluxury sectors, toconnect with chess inaway that has along-lasting effect on thesport andtobring 600 million chess players closer tothebrands offerings.

Theservices are delivered bytheteam that was responsible forstaging themost successful events andactivations inthesport, anddone with thesharp andedgy sensibility anddeep understanding ofthemarket from both chess andclients side.

Peter Thiel, thefounder ofPayPal, is making thefirst move attheWorld Chess Championship inNew York

Nadia Panteleeva, who signed thebiggest sponsorship deals inchess, including Kaspersky, PhosAgro, Algorand, asahead ofpartnership forWorld Chess, will lead thenew agency.

Dozens ofbrands we spoke with were looking forways toadd chess totheir marketing andsocial responsibility mix, says Panteleeva. Its aperfect time foraspecialized team that is equally athome working with chess stars, streamers, events, andinspiring brands tocreate meaningful experiences with thesport.

Chess andCompany will operate from London andMoscow andwill focus on developing andleveraging partnerships with professional chess players, streamers, andtop-circuit chess events andbrand integrations.

In2021 and2022, theagency will work with brands that will be present attheFIDE World Chess Championship Matches, Grand Prix Series, theWorld Chess Armageddon Series aswell astop national events andspecial projects.

View from theplaying venue ofthe2017 Candidates Tournament inBerlin

Number ofpeople who play chess is bigger than thenumber ofpeople who play tennis andgolf combined, adds Ilya Merenzon, CEO ofWorld Chess. Butuntil now it has been largely ignored byprofessional marketers. It requires adeep understanding oftheindustry, established relationships, andasense ofhumor something that helped World Chess tomake thesport popular andtobring it tothefront pages, notonly ofthesports trades, butofbusiness anddesign media. How often one gets achess logo short-listed bytheCannes Festival?I, adds Merenzon.

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First Ever Chess-Focused Sports Agency Launched - World Chess

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