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In a new clip posted to his popular YouTube channel, Will Smith revealed what his favorite part of 2006s The Pursuit of Happyness was.

To get there he delivers a nearly three-minute intro story that talks about *in order*: his childhood love for chess, beating his dad at chess after four years, Jada hiring a chess grandmaster to tutor him for three days, that chess grandmaster giving him mental tricks to up his game, how Mike Tyson used mental tricks to psych-out his opponents before a fight even began, how peoples self-doubts lead to them mentally undermining themselves, Jaden explaining to him the difference between the two of them, and that you should be able to go beyond what you think your limits are.

The whole thing could probably provide some inspiration to those in need on a Wednesday afternoon. Plus hes Will Smith. He knows how to tell a story:

About three minutes in he gets to The Pursuit of Happyness part. Heres your warning that whats below contains spoilers that will answer the title tease for you. If youre a video person that video above is for you.

Extra line here so the spoilers not directly below.

Okay. Smith goes on to say that the preceding story explains his favorite line from the 2006 hit. What line? The part where he tells his movie/real-life son Dont ever let somebody tell you you cant do something. Not even me. People cant do something themselves, they want to tell you you cant do it. If you want something go get it, period.

All this copy was only intended to set things up. You can watch the full(er) clip below, and the Smith clip above.

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Will Smith Reveals His Favorite Moment From 'The Pursuit of Happyness' - Yahoo Entertainment

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