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miniseries about chess? It sounds like a terrible idea. Two players huddled over a board for hours on end wheres the fun in that? Yet The Queens Gambit was a massive hit, the most popular scripted series on Netflix. And the thing that made it special was that the shows star was a woman. It opened up the chess world for many amateurs, for many people who never knew what chess looked like, says Russian International Master Alina Kashlinskaya. For womens chess, its a very good step.

The Queens Gambit was widely praised for the accuracy of its chess scenes. Former world champion Garry Kasparov was a consultant on the series and it showed. Yet there was one thing which didnt ring true the way the male players treated the main character, chess prodigy Beth Harmon (portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy). As Hungarian Grandmaster Judit Polgr told The New York Times: They were too nice to her. For, as Polgr found out on the way up, its tough to be a woman in a mans world.

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The real story of women in chess - The Independent

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