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Chess Engine is proud to unveil We welcome you to test out the ultimate chess event viewing platformthe perfect place to follow all live tournaments, watch active games, see the results, easily follow your favorite player live, and much more. It has everything you need to experience a tournament in a fresh and novel way.'s Event feature has all of the information you need to enjoy an event, including the current tournament standings, the ability to view previous rounds, a global search function to find specific players, a chat feature, live evaluation bars, analysis for every game, and the ability to download and share games all from one place. Check out the new events feature now and enjoy chess events like never before!

From the main events page, you can see all ongoing tournaments.

Scroll through the list of current tournaments to find an event that you are interested in. You can easily see the name of the event, the dates of the event, and the current round of the tournament. You can also navigate to upcoming events and past events from this page.

Once you've selected the tournament that you are interested in, you will see all of the active games with an evaluation bar with multiple viewing options. You can also easily see the participants and standings at a glance.

On this page, you can also select which round to view, check the schedule, find out results, and you can easily access all live and completed games by simply clicking on them. Another great feature is the search functionjust type a player's name and you'll see all of their games from the event that you are in!

When you select a game, you will have a lot of great options! You can instantly see the remaining time for each player, have access to the engine evaluation, get information about either player, and more...

From the game page you can also do a deep dive with analysis, connect to opening explorer, share the game, or download the game easily. All of these features are directly and seamlessly integrated with the existing tools that you already use and love!

Events also integrate with the project. You can also click on any player's avatar and get more information on them, including their ratings and their player profile. is also optimized for mobile browsers, providing a seamless experience on any web device.

For tournament organizers who would like their events featured, please contact us via with the event title, description, schedule, PGN feed, and any media assets which should be included for the event.

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