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For the ninth installment of his Candidates Game of the Day series, GM Jacob Aagaard has analyzed GM Anish Giri's impressive victory over GM Wang Haoas only he could deeply, extensively,definitively. This is the analysis that the experts will be quoting tomorrow, and we have it exclusively here atChess Life Online.

Fans of Aagaard's work may also want to check out his recap of Round 9on the Killer Chess Training YouTube channel.

Below we provide Aagaards analysis in replayable format. For those who prefer paper, boards, and pieces, we havecreated a pdf version. (PDF to be uploaded Wednesday morning!)

You can also check outan alternative replayable version posted in the ChessBase Cloud.

Previous "Aagaard on the Candidates" installments:

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Here is the original post:

Aagaard on the Candidates - Round 9 | US Chess.org - uschess.org

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