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The winners from the SFDeizisau were not the only Germans playing in the final phase of the European Club Cup. Also playingwas the Hamburger SK,Karsten Mllers club. The grandmaster took a close look at two endgames from round 6, when his teamfaced theCercle dEchecs de Monte Carlo, the winners of the European Womens Club Cup.

Elisabeth Paehtz drewRasmus Svane on board 2, whileAleksandra Goryachkina and Nils Grandelius also split apoint on top board.

The HSK did score a full point on board 4 though, asAlmira Skripchenko lost to Julian Kramer after allowing Kramers bishop to escape from itsprison cell.

How should Black keep the balance in the following position?

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On board 3, the match was decided in favour of the team from Hamburg.Luis Engel finally managed to hold a draw afterhisbishopstopped Monika Sockos passed pawns.

Should White push her pawn or bring her king to the queenside in the following position?

Karsten Mller shows that there was even more in it for the German grandmaster!

In the preliminary round (Group H), the strong Ukrainian grandmaster Yuriy Kryvoruchko demonstrated in his game against the Hungarian Gabor Nagy that it is possible to win endgames with opposite-coloured bishops at least if your opponent helps a little!

Should Black play actively or keep the existing state of affairs in the following position?

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Instructive endgames from the European Club Cup - Chessbase News

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