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If you enjoyed playing chess against our virtual personalities like the PogChamps participants or Beth Harmon, we have good news! is happy to announce the release of six brand new bots that emulate fan-favorite chess streamers, personalities, and top players.

You can now play against the virtual versions of Agadmator, WGM Nemo Qiyu Zhou, WFM Anna Cramling, NM James Canty III, FunMasterMike, and GM Wesley So. You will find them after the "master" bots on the Play Computer page.

Here is a quick look at each of the new computer personalities:

Playing strength: 2000

Agadmator (Antonio Radic) is a Croatian candidate master and content creator. Can you stop the world's biggest chess YouTuber?

Playing strength: 2100

Anna Cramling is a Swedish woman FIDE master, chess streamer, commentator, and celebrity. Can you defeat this talented player?

Playing strength: 2300

WGM Nemo Qiyu Zhou is a Canadian streamer, commentator, and CLG team member. Can you defeat the former world youth champion?

Playing strength: 2300

NM James Canty III a streamer, content creator, coach, and "Master Jedi." Don't let your guard down, or you might fall victim to his lightsaber!

Playing strength: 2300

Mike Klein, more commonly referred to as FunMasterMike, is the face of How will you do against the American FIDE master?

Playing strength: 2750

Wesley So is a Filipino-American super grandmaster and one of the best players in the world. Can you beat this elite chess player?

Head over to now to play against the newstreamer bots! While you are there, try out the personalities bots like IM Danny Rensch, and other top players like GM Hikaru Nakamura and more!

Read more here:

Play Chess With Agadmator, Nemo, Cramling, Canty, And More -

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