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When things kick off in a game of chess, the explosion generally lasts for just a few moves or at least, without any real evidence, thats my impression.But there are occasional games in which the violence runs and runs.

When this does occur, the most common scenario is probably a long attacking battle in which one player aims blows at the others head and the other finds heroic ways to defend.

But sometimes the aggression is mutual with extended hand-to-hand fighting, and todays game is very much in this mould. It comes from the final round a week ago of the Moscow Open, which was won on tiebreak by Ivan Rozum ahead of six others.

The Queen's Gambit Accepted: A Repertoire for Black

In this DVD Sam Collins presents a repertoire for Black based on the Queens Gambit Accepted, 1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4. Rather than get involved in the heavy theory of the Classical Main Line, the lynchpin of the repertoire is the active development of the queens bishop. The resulting positions have close similarities to the Nimzo Indian and Slav Defences, and Collins explains the way for Black to approach the middlegame with confidence based on a blockade and light square strategy. The resulting repertoire is solid, reliable, and suitable as either a main weapon or an occasional surprise choice. Video running time: 3 hours 30 min

One of the six was 18-year-old Arseniy Nesterov,who came out on top after a real fire fight!

16.d5!This and the next move scream out to be played to destabilise Black before his queenaside attack lands 16...exd5 17.e6!

Arseniy Nesterov (right) at the 2019 Voronezh Masters here facingIM Christian Rios

To finish up,a small tactical position I thought of earlier in the week. Its fairly banal, but carries a small twist.

How to play the Ruy Lopez with Qe2

To avoid theory battles in well-known lines against Ruy Lopez (Berlin, Open Variation or the Marshall Attack), Sergey Tiviakov invites you into the world of an extraordinary early queen move for White: Qe2 elegant, effective and easy to learn!

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Feeding the flames - Chessbase News

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