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A man who killed his wife has been handed a five year jail sentence after a court heard his anxiety had been "heightened" by lockdown. Anthony Williams, 70, told police he "literally choked the living daylights" out of his wife Ruth, 67, at their home in Cwmbran, south Wales, on the morning of March 28 last year, after he "snapped" following a period of feeling depressed and anxious. Williams was cleared of murder on Monday following a trial in which a psychologist argued his anxiety "was heightened" because of lockdown, which impaired his ability to exercise self-control. On Thursday he appeared for sentencing at Swansea Crown Court after admitting manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility. Judge Paul Thomas said it was a "tragic case on several levels", but in his view Williams's mental state was "severely affected at the time". Judge Thomas said: "The overwhelming greatest tragedy here is a lady of 67 who had so much to live for, had her life ended by an act of great violence at the hands, literally, of a man she loved for very nearly 50 years. "There is also the tragedy that that act that lasted only a matter of minutes at most, and immediately repented by you, will now be the defining one for the rest of your life. "You will have to live with the knowledge that you killed your wife, and that you left your daughter without her beloved mother." The judge said Williams was suffering from irrational anxiety, depression, a lack of sleep, and had been "obsessing" over Covid-19. "There is no logical explanation for why a placid, non-aggressive, inoffensive man, happily married for 46 years, and with absolutely impeccable character, should out of the blue strangle his wife for such an innocuous comment as 'get over it'," he added. Williams told police he had suffered sleepless nights in the run-up to the attack due to "trivial" fears, including that he would run out of money. In interviews read to the jury, Williams agreed with detectives that he was responsible for the killing of his wife of 46 years, telling them he "snapped" while in bed.

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More protests in Spain over jailing of rapper - Yahoo News

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