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Felix xQc Lengyel is a well-known figure who often finds himself under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The streamer made news for stream sniping in a Twitch sponsored event. Other streamers complained about him, and it eventually led to him being temporarily suspended. However, this is not the only side to him, as the streamer boasts a massive fanbase for hosting entertaining stream.

The streamer mainly shares fun recreational content that some might deem too edgy. In his recent stream, he showcased a table full of computer parts that he gathered for his expensive PC, and he also stated what he intends to use it for.

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With the new computer parts on full display, the streamer shared his excitement about the new build. He suggested that the new PC will be powerful enough for him to play various titles that do not really demand high configuration. This statement alone left the viewers and chat in split, as his followers began to spam words like Chess and browser games.

We will be able to play Chess, Bloomz, we will be able to play Minecraft without lagging, and the best yet, wait for it, we will be able to react videos with no fps drops.

The streamer then exclaimed that he is excited about reaction videos and how the new PC will counteract fps issues and lag. The newer spectators may not be able to catch xQcs sarcasm, although his avid followers in the chat box caught on quickly as soon as he mentioned chess.

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video source: xQcOW

xQc frequently makes a generous donation of subs to a lesser known streamers of Twitch. Recently, viewers brought it to his attention that the streamer has gifted nearly 100k subs so far. Quick math with $5 per sub would tell you that xQc has donated half a million dollar worth of sub.

The community may stand divided on their opinions of xQc but he is a kind soul that wants to look after his community. Donating such an incredible sum of subs is not an easy thing to do, it is a business decision that cannot be taken so lightly,

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xQc Is Going to Use His Expensive New PC to Play Chess and Browser Games - EssentiallySports

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