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Indie game developer Mischka Kamener revealed this week that her new puzzler game Room To Grow will be coming to PC this month. This is a cute little game that will have you thinking in different ways on a grid, as you play as a tiny cactus that can grow to be one prickly snake. Using your ever-growing body, you will maneuver around and position yourself to help plant other cacti into holes in the ground so they may have a place to live and grow beyond a pot. Every level has different challenges and ways to go about doing things, as well as some surprises to be found. The game was given a bit of a boost from Film Victoria in Australia as they help support film, television, and digital media in their area, so it's cool to see a government program help put out a new indie title. The game will drop on PC and Mac on February 25th, 2021.

Room To Grow is a puzzle game with unique mechanics that will twist your mind in unexpected ways. Growing enables you to move, while growing into walls shifts your whole body in the opposite direction. Use this to push plants, maneuver around obstacles, make room for future moves, and much much more. Discover new mechanics in each world no standard keys and locks and explore the deep interactions between them. Become a master of moving like a cactus and make your way back to the desert!

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Thorny Puzzle Title Room To Grow Is Coming To PC This Month - Bleeding Cool News

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