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After months of anticipation, Little Nightmares 2 has finally arrived and it has taken the gaming scene by storm. Developed by Tarsier Studios, the horror puzzle-platformer build on its predecessor and takes players to a whole new setting with its spine-chilling environment and horrific locales. The video game tasks players with completing a number of fun activities and also features plenty of clever puzzles that can be completed throughout the gameplay.While the games ending already has the fans buzzing all over social media, fans are now wondering how to get the Little Nightmares 2 secret ending which can be easily missed.

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To get the secret ending, you will need to find all theLittle Nightmares 2 glitching remains. Theglitching remains orglitching children are collectables that you can found scattered around different locations in the game. You will need to collect all the glitching remains to unlock the secret ending. Here's where you can find them:

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The first one can be found near the broken bridge. Take a right which leads to a dark corner and you will find it under a tunnel. From here, drop down and take a left to enter a secret hole, reaching the next remains. Once you leave the Hunter's House, make your way to theouthouse to find the next remains. You will get the finalremains when you are at the beach near theTV.

The School

Once you are done with theTV puzzle, you need to go down with Six to find the remains lying near the doorway. The next one will be at the back corner of theSchoolyard near a cycle. The third remains can be accessed one you are in theTeacher's classroom. You need to open the third locker to the left to find it.When you escape the Teacher, you need to go to the second floor and take a left. The next remains will be near the bottles. Now, once you are in the kitchen,reach for the vent to locate the next Little Nightmares 2 glitching remains. Once you leave school, you can find the next remains lying near the paper boat.

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The Hospital

Get the flashlight and make your way towards the large room. The glitching remains can be found near the toy. As you go through the hallway, you will find the next glitching remains laying around. Now, once you are in the Patient area, you must pass through thehallway to reach the entrance. Here, you need to go through a small hole to collect the nextglitching remains. When in the shower room, you need to head back and move the crate to create a vent. Crawl through this vent to find theremains near the tub.

Pale City

Get the first remainswhen you are in the maintenance room during the elevator puzzle. Similar to the last one, you need to take thecrate out to createa vent. From here, you can crawl through to find the remains inside thehidden room. The next one can be found near thelattice awning.

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Little Nightmares 2 secret ending: Where to find the glitching remains? - Republic TV

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