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On the face of it, having a chess game without actually letting the player play chess seems a bit of a mad idea. But in the minds of those at QUByte Interactive, it obviously works. After first releasing on PC, its now time for Knights Retreat to make a move on to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

There arent a huge amount of chess titles already available on console, with the only real options being that of Pure Chess, Chess Ultra and Brawl Chess. Now though theres Knights Retreat, but whilst on the surface this may come across as a chess title on console, youll soon discover that its not. Yep, this is a chess game, without chess.

Priced at just 3.29, Knights Retreat has come to console via the QUByte team as they give you the chance to work with a range of troops in order to allow your Knights to retreat back to the safety of your kingdom. Working an abstracty, rather medieval world and landscape, this little puzzle comes with 80 levels that have been entirely hand-crafted, allowing for you to get to grips with the basics required prior to seeing difficulty levels increase.

Sold as a fun chess puzzle for everyone, this should cater for a range of players, no matter whether you see yourself as a chess Grandmaster or someone totally unaware of how the game of kings plays. Throw in an abstract world, original, super composed music, and youve got a fair old bit in Knights Retreat to enjoy.

Our full review of Knights Retreat on Xbox Series X is in the works and will be coming your way as soon as weve made all the right moves, but in the meantime head on over to the digital store of your choosing remember, the game is available on the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S but also present on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam too. If youre looking to clear your mind of any checkmating worries, this may well do the job.

Game Description:

A chess game without any chess. Rearrange your troops to bring your best Knights back to your Kingdom in an abstract medieval world.

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A chess game without chess - Knight's Retreat is now on Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4 and Switch - TheXboxHub

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