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In the aftermath of Thanos' murder in the comics, what became of the Black Order? Did the Mad Titan ever reassemble his lieutenants?

What became of the Black Order after Thanos' death in Marvel Comics' Infinity Warsevent? The Mad Titan's top lieutenants are some of the most fearsome warriors, monsters, and killers in the entire Marvel Universe (despite their somewhat limited presence in the MCU). Even with Thanos being killed, certain members of the Black Order would go on to seek power of their own once they were out of Thanos' large and ominous shadow, while others were essentially non-existent until they were reassembled under a new master in Marvel Comics.

As soon as Thanos was murdered by his own daughter Gamora in 2018'sInfinity Wars event, the Black Order apparently split up and went their separate ways. Black Dwarf and Supergiant were both already dead at the time, having been killed during 2013'sInfinityevent. Ebony Maw, for his part, decided to take Thor's estranged son Thane under his wing, crafting and manipulating him into someone he believed could become far more powerful and dangerous than Thanos himself.While it's unknown as to where Black Swan went, Corvus Glaive and his wife Proxima Midnight arguably did the most with their newfound freedom.

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In2016's Thanos #1from writer Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato, it was revealed that Corvus Glaive had created a new Black Order of mercenaries and killers, using them to take over the Black Quadrant, a region of the Marvel Universe that had once been Thanos' domain. Proxima served as the Tip of his Spear, leading his forces as well. However, the issue saw Thanos' return from the grave, seeking to take back what was his, but Corvus was determined to maintain his rule no matter what. Instead of giving up his new throne, Glaive chose to battle the Mad Titan himself.

While Corvus Glaive lost the battle (and ended up killing himself rather than suffer at the hands of Thanos), his wife was smarter, falling back into the Mad Titan's service. However, Thanos never actually reassembled the rest of the Black Order after his return. It was only when the Grandmaster and Challenger decided to play a game in theAvengers: No Surrendereventthat the Black Order was reassembled, with the Challenger resurrecting many of them to serve as a full set of chess pieces against the Grandmaster's Lethal Legion. Despite the Challenger losing, the Grandmaster came to the Black Order with a job offer in the aftermath, indicating that they now currently work for him in the Marvel Universe.

Despite the Black Order having essentially become a group of mercenaries, it stands to reason that if Thanos were to wish it in the future of Marvel Comics, they would most likely return to his side out of fear, lest they feel his terrible wrath. In any case, the Black Order is indeed back to its full strength in the Marvel Universe thanks to the Challenger, and it seems to only be a matter of time before they make their lethal presence known once more in the future of Marvel Comics.

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