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Chess Puzzles

Gamers who love the charm of tabletop gaming can always count on their PC for a fairly authentic experience.

Board games are part of a favorite pastime that has piqued the interest of the public since ancient history. Although it is not known what the first plank game was, historians have attempted to make educated guesses. Fast forward to today and a variety of cards games ditched the card, heading to PCs (personal computers).

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PC gaming is considered by many to be the definitive video game Platform. PC backward compatibility is unprecedented. Only a few of the following games play on video game consoles, but all play on PC. Looking to scratch this board game itch? There is an assortment of PCs games strongly inspired by the board games.

10 Tabletop simulator

Developer Berserk Games didnt hold back with the popular tabletop simulator. Its a sandbox game which allows players to create their own table online games or play one of the thousands in the Tabletop Simulator community. Use personalized resources to make it truly unique games.

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If you are not interested in playing the community games, Tabletop Simulator comes with 15 classics games like chess, puzzles, poker and more. The puzzles can be any image you want.

9 Girl Scout Adventures

The Pathfinder adventure map Game is now translated into a new map game. There are quite a few differences between the original and the digital card game. To get started, players can play game digital game solo. This game pays homage to the original, with lots of variations. Pathfinder Adventures is a solid map game developed by Obsidian Entertainment with everything taken into consideration. Also, it can be bought on Steam for a bargain.

8 The Jackbox Party Pack 7

The developer who brought the You Dont Know Jack series comes yet another The Jackbox Party Pack. The Jackbox Party Pack 7 improves upon its predecessors with improved animated graphics and three hit threequels in the package. Try games like Quiplash 3, Champd Up and a speech game called Talking Points. Jackbox Party Pack 7 is worth playing if you love the game games. You can play with up to 8 players using tablets or cellphones to control the game.

7 Monopoly Plus

Monopoly Plus is everything you would imagine a PC version of the popular home game. It includes entertainment for each property and is filled with vibrant colors that add excitement.

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Hasbros monopoly isnt the most complex PC game board based game. Its simplicity is a big part of the charms gamele. Monopoly Plus can be played online with friends, with the ability to customize the game rules. Like it or not, its hard to ignore the polish that has gone into this PC game which arose from a plank game.

6 rolling tickets

As a PC game it was initially a board game, Ticket to Ride takes you on an adventure to collect and play cards to get railroads. The goal is to connect as many cities as possible in North America. The longer the route you set, the more chances you have of winning. Like Catan, having the longest track (or road) is a secondary goal in Ticket to Ride.

5 Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars is a game on preparing a planet to resemble Earth to support human life. The premise around the game is awesome, and the gameplay even better. Terraforming Mars is now a PC game instead of a single board game. Like a game which involves playing as companies with many individual rooms, cleanup is made easy with this fantastic PC game. Travel to the red planet and develop a stable civilization to control time, create oceans, and spend precious resources.

4 The Jackbox Party Pack 3

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 stood out as one of the best games in the series. Unique sound games like Trivia Murder Party and Tee KO were an addition to the pack. The Jackbox Party Pack 3 can provide a hot time with friends or family. Guesspionage is a game which asks you to guess percentages based on surveys. Each game in this pack is worth playing, unlike some of the others games in franchise history.


the Game Of life! has its ups and downs just like the real world. At the start of the game, you choose between going to college or taking the career path. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, with you as the driving force behind the rest of the games significant decisions. Hope you complete the game happy retired. the Game Of life! is mostly based on luck, but its the mad rush that makes it enjoyable.

2 RISK: Global domination

the game of global domination is now available for free on the Steam Store. RISK: Global Domination is a game where any player can take over the world. It can be played online with friends around the world as you strive to support RISKs global framework. Almost nothing has changed since the board of directors game, aside from a few improvements, thats why RISK: Global Domination is such a must-have game. If you dont have friends to play with, AI characters can sit down.

1 Gloomhaven

Flaming developer Fowl Studios has listened to fan woes with a PC version of Gloomhaven. The explosively popular board game now becomes a video game for sale on Steam. It contains all the themes of the original table game, but it expands the gameplay with more immersion. It should be noted that Gloomhaven is still in its early access phase. That wont stop a lot from delving into the action-packed, dungeon-crawling tactical role-playing game. game.

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