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Grandmaster Chess

Tobeconsidered agenius, you need anIQ score ofatleast 140. But not many ofus have such ahigh score. These geniuses have day jobs just like the rest ofus, for instance asamagazine columnist, ahorse rancher, orapsychologist. Ofcourse, many ofthem are doing groundbreaking research and others have chosen tolive asimple life.

Bright Side gives you apeek into the secret lives ofgeniuses today, all ofwhom are atthe very top ofthe genius list.

Profession: Theoretical physics

Age: Around 21

This former child prodigy has anIQ of170 and published his work onphysics before hewas 20. When hewas 15he became the youngest student ever tobeaccepted tothe Perimeter Institute. Now heisadoctoral student atthe Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, working toward his PhD.

Profession: International Grandmaster (chess)

Age: 44

This Hungarian chess player isknown asthe best female player ofall time. Atthe age ofonly15, she became the youngest International Grandmaster, in1991. She has defeated 11world champions and isthe only woman tohave won against areigning world champion. She announced her retirement from chess in2014 and has since received aknighthood from Hungary.

Profession: TVpersonality

Age: 60

Rick has anIQ of192 according tothe World Genius Directory, and hehas taken over 30tests and got the highest score ever on20ofthem. Heisknown for hisTV work, but other than that heenjoys math and physics inhis spare time.

Profession: Psychiatrist

Age: 45

With his impressiveIQ score, this Greek man now works asapsychiatrist after getting degrees inphilosophy and medical research technology. Hehas also founded the group AAAA.GR, which helps tosupport extraordinarily gifted children inGreece.

Profession: Horse rancher

Age: 68

Having anIQ somewhere between 195 and 210, heisamong the smartest people inthe world. Throughout his life, hehas developed aCognitive-Theoretic Model ofthe Universe and has published several books aboutit. Hehas also worked several side jobs like working asanight-club bouncer topay the bills.

Profession: Computer systems architect

Age: Around 66

Hehas abreathtakingIQ of200 and was only 10years old when hestarted studying atMichigan State University. Heattended both Yale University and the University ofMichigan and got adoctorate inmathematics atthe age of23. Hehas tried tokeep his life private, but itseems that heworks for acomputer company asasystems architect inthe U.S.

Profession: Physician

Age: Around 30

This former child prodigy was reading when hewas 2and writing at3. From the age of5, hewas composing music and hestarted university atthe age of9. Hejoined the University ofChicagos Pritzker School ofMedicine atthe age of12, becoming the youngest student toget anM.D. from the school, atthe age of21.

Profession: Inventor and mathematician

Age: Around 68

When she took anIQ test atthe age of5, she had ascore of205. When she was 12she went tocollege and became the youngest person tograduate from Florida Atlantic University in1967. She was teaching math atMichigan State University before she was even 20and later worked for IBM. She iscredited for creating direct dialing and last-call return and has over 100US patents.

Profession: Physics professor

Age: 58

This South Korean former child prodigy has anallegedIQ of210. Hehas atalent for languages and has spoken Korean, English, French, German, and Japanese since early childhood. Kim allegedly worked for NASA before calling itquits and going back home. Hethen worked atthe business planning department ofthe Chungbuk Development Corporation and currently isaprofessor ofliberal arts atShinhan University.

Profession: Unknown

Age: 37

Heisknown for setting world records for the youngest age tograduate and teach atcollege asateenager, with anIQ between 200 and 325. Hefinished his bachelors degree from the University ofSouth Alabama atthe age of10, and atthe age of14got his masters degree inchemistry atMiddle Tennessee State University, and another atage 18incomputer science from Vanderbilt University.

Profession: Mathematician

Age: 45

This Australian-American genius mathematician has anIQ between 220 and 230. Atthe young age of9, hewas already attending university-level math courses. Henow teaches mathematics atUCLA after getting his Ph.D. from Princeton atage 21and was atenured professor bythe age of24. Heisthe youngest ever full professor inUCLA history.

Profession: Astrophysicist

Age: 38

Christopher has anincredibleIQ of225, and bythe time hewas 13he had become the youngest winner ofthe International Physics Olympiad in1996. Atthe age of16, hewas already working with NASA and hereceived his Ph.D. from Princeton at22years old. Heisnow anAstrophysicist and Cosmologist atOhio State Universitys Center for Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.

Profession: Magazine columnist

Age: 74

Her IQlevel isone ofthe highest recorded, and she was only 10when she took the test and held the Guinness World Record for the highestIQ from 1985-89. Marilyn isfamous for her column Ask Marilyn. More recently she has also published several books and has become aboard member ofthe National Council onEconomic Education.

Profession: Composer

Age: 21

Atonly 21he has anIQ score of250 and gave his first lecture atage 6. Hehas worked inthe movie industry from the age of12as acomposer, and has since written, directed, and edited his own movie The Sempiternal in2013.

Profession: Composer and web developer

Age: Unknown

Heisperhaps less well known, but Marnen was achild prodigy. Onachildhood test hegot ahighIQ score of268. According tohis website, hespeaks English, German, Japanese, French, Russian, Esperanto, and Klingon. Heenjoys his time with hobbies like heraldry, medieval reenactment, and folk dancing. Hehas worked asaprogrammer, acomposer, and amusician.

Profession: Physicist

Lived: 1831 1879

This Scottish mathematical physicist had anIQ of190 to205. Heiswell known for his theory ofelectromagnetic radiation, and Einstein even credits him for his work, saying that heisstanding onMaxwells shoulders.

What would you doifyou were agenius? Who doyou know that isvery gifted?

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