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Chess Tournament

The Romanian Chess Association will organize the national online chess tournament in January for age groups under 10 under 18 years old. The aim of the competition is to select the chess players who will represent the country in the 2021 age group and the national and international competitions of the Chess Federation.

In the first phase of the National Online Chess Championship from January 23 to 24, only 75 players participated in chess in the under-10 age group. In the 7-lap race, each contestant received 25 minutes, with a reward of 5 seconds for each step. On behalf of Satu Mares Vointa, the 6-year-old club chess player won the right to be there next weekend in the final match of the top eight Romanian players under the age of 10, the coaching couple of Vointa Chess Club Ciprian said. Muntean and Margareta Sarivan. As their advertisement shows, the chess player won 5 wins in 7 rounds, thus taking first place between the ages of seven and eight.

In 2020, Vointa Chess Players have won over thirty Cups

Incidentally, 2020 has been an eventful year for the Vointa Chess Federations competitors, although like other sports, it has put chess in a difficult position due to the viral situation. Some tournaments have moved to the Internets roofs, allowing the clubs chess players to compete in about 20 chess tournaments (including several national and international chess tournaments) and reach the podium more than thirty times in total, according to a Vointa report. As the list below shows, even during a pandemic, the sports club managed to finish a successful year.


National Chess Championship Elisabetta Polihronadi Kovasna

U7: Balzs Kovcs 1st place in classic chess, 2nd place in speed, 3rd place in the hijacker category.

Genius Cup Debrecen

U10: Celette Dominic, third, fast.


Winter Chess Cup Satu Mare, classic chess

U8: Balzs Kovcs, 2nd place,

Satu Mare County Chess Championship

In the U8 category: 1st place bel Kovcs, 2nd place Balzs Kovcs.

Under 10 years old: Celette Dominic 3rd place

Girls under 12 years old: second place, Balaj Aghabia

Boys under 12 years old: Alin-Cristian Ciocarlie second place.


Fisca International Chess Festival 2020 Online Edition, Classic Chess.

Under 8 Balzs Kovcs 2nd place

Baia Marie Tinerii Leii Cup 5th Edition, classic chess

Overall: Opel Kovacs third place.


Ciresar Moldova International Chess Festival, classic chess

U8: 3rdbel Kovcs 3rd place

National Team Championship Fast

Vointa Chess Federation: 1st place (Balzs Kovcs, bel Kovcs, Alexandru Sofineti)


National Fast Track Online

U8: 2nd place, Balzs Kovcs

Miercurea Ciuc Chess Festival, 7th. Janus Balug Memorial Competition, classic chess game

U8: 1st place, Balzs Kovcs, 4th place, bel Kovcs

Chess competition for solving tasks: 1st place Opel Kovacs.


Thirteenth. Arad International Classical Chess Festival

Balzs Kovcs: # 1 in the Less than 1,300 Live Streams category


Satu Mare International Chess Festival, Vasyl Marian Memorial Competition, classic chess game.

U8: bel Kovcs 1st place, Balzs Kovcs 2nd place

Under 10: Celette Dominic third


Pius Branzi Memorial Contest, Timisoara Fast online

U6. First place is Balzs Kovcs.


Gyergyalfalu Online Chess Championship, Fast Class

Overall: Balzs Kovcs third place

Champions Cup 2020, Glove Technique, Fast

U8: Balzs Kovcs 3rd place.

Virtual Chess Cup Hug Classic Chess

Complex: Kbel Kovcs: 3rd, Balzs Kovcs 4th place.

Oradea Monthly Chess Championship for Kids Speed Class:

Online in January, February, March, October and November

In Class B (2nd and 3rd division): Celette Dominic 1st place.

Oradea Santa Cup Online, Fast.

II. Classmates category: Seletye Dominik first place.

The chess club is also waiting for children who want to learn in 2021, so in addition to online education, youngsters also have the opportunity to develop in front of the board in this increasingly popular sport. You can apply at [emailprotected] or by calling 0744-868-688 at Ciprian Muntean, Vointas chess coach.

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Success at Satu Mare in the online national chess tournament for the age group - CampusLATELY

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