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Big Brother has introduced many veto competitions over the years. From quizzes to puzzles to endurance challenges, here are the most interesting.

The showBig Brotherhas introduced plenty of veto competitions through its 22 seasons to date, and many of them have become recurring competitions on the reality series.

In every case, players battle against one another for the chance to veto one of the Head of Household's nominations for eviction that week or keep them the same to ensure a target goes home. The Power of Veto has the added benefit of ensuring that the winner can't be nominated themselves. It's a big deal to win and there have been some epic veto plays over the years.

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The competitions come in many forms, from quizzes to puzzles, endurance, intense physical competitions, and more.

This competition has only appeared twice, once in season two of Celebrity Big Brother and a second time in the most recent All-Stars season 22.The goal is to work through a series of lasers to get from one end of a room to another. Players bend, twist, step over, and crawl to avoid the lasers, just as you might see in a money heist movie.

But there's a twist: they also have to carry a large item with them, which can't touch the lasers either. It's pretty funny to watch the players get creative with ways to maneuver both their bodies and the object over, around, and under the lasers.

This competition, also held as a Head of Household competition,is more funny than creative, but it is creative in that it's also pretty mean. The players must make their way back and forth from one end of a ramp to the other, sliding along slippery goo. Some manage to skate along as if they were on ice while others struggle to make it without toppling over every few steps.

To make it even harder, they are carefully transporting liquid in a tiny cup that's collected from a bucket on one side to be poured into a container on the other. When the container is full enough for the tiny ball to rise to the top so they can grab itand win. Naturally, it takes hours, endurance.

This isn't the most exciting competition to watch though it is one of the most creative. A life-sized gameboard is set up on the ground and players use themselves as pawns. Reminiscent of chess, each person makes an L-shaped move, then turns over the piece they're standing on. Once a piece is turned, no one can stand on it again.

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The idea is to move strategically, thinking several steps ahead, to block your opponent in. Once a player has no moves left, they are out. It's a creative game that requires more than just physical prowess or a good memory, making it stand out from the others.

It's one of the silliest competitions, but sometimes, that's just what the show needs. Players have to twirl themselves around and around on a wheel above their head until they unlock a gate blocking pins on a bowling lane. Watching them try and knock the pins down while still dizzy is hilarious, but it's made even funnier by the fact that they also have to wear tights and tutus while doing it.

Ridiculous costume aside, the veto competition is creative in that it's both more difficult than it looks and entertaining to watch.

A favorite competition each season, the actual game portion can range from season to season, whether it's mini putting or ball rolling or an endurance competition. But the end result is always the same: as players are eliminated,they pick up a prize and that's theirs to keep. That is, until the next person is eliminated and can choose to keep their prize or trade it for theirs.

The first prize is always the Veto, but the initial winner never keeps it for long. However, the game reveals true colors as players either fight to get the Veto or are tempted by cash and vacation prizes instead. The best most creative part is the always ridiculous unitard that the person stuck with that card, in the end, has to wear for a week.

This competition isn't so much creative as it forces the players to be. Searching through mud and goo, they must try to find letter cards and put them on their board. As they collect the cards, they have to rearrange them to try and spell the longest word.

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It's fun to watch the players frantically search for vowels or that last letter they need to spell a word they can see forming. The most memorable moments include when Jeff spelled "technotronic," which, while a valiant attempt, isn't actually a word; and when Shannon Elizabeth obliterated her competition on Celebrity Big Brother by spelling "responsibilities."

What's most creative about this veto competition, even though many believe it to be one of the worst competitions of the series, is the actual construction of the machine used. Players stand inside the contraption as it bonks, slaps, and hits them over and over. No worries: each piece is soft so it doesn't hurt as much as it looks. But while getting shoved around, the players have to remember the sequence of hits then answer a question about them.

It's a memorization game combined with the distraction of being hit repeatedly, which is pretty creative, but mostly hilarious.

Just like people love using mobile filters to combine their faces with someone else, make them look older, or do a face swap, this game has a similar principle. Except it combines images of multiple players' faces together to create a fake headshot. Players have to analyze the photo and guess which players' features are combined together to make the strange-looking person.

There are some truly creative faces made in the game that test how closely players are paying attention to others. Who has blue eyes? And who smiles like that? It's interesting how difficult it is to remember what someone's lips look like when you aren't seeing them on their face.

One of the most anticipated veto competitions every season is OTEV, and for good reason. Not only does the OTEV creature, presented like a god, change every time, but the game itself is creative. OTEV asks a question and the players must slide down a ramp and search through slop and goo to find a clue with the right answer on it.

When they find it, they run back to the ramp, climb up using the assistance of a rope, and take a seat. When all seats are fully, musical chairs-style, the last person is out, unless someone picked the wrong answer (which rarely happens). The new concepts for OTEV every season, from a rhyming rain god to an ape, an absent-minded alien, and a pissed-off penguin, make it continuously interesting and always fun to watch.

Another Big Brother competition favorite, this one shows cleverly made mock comic book covers featuring each player and a fitting comic book character based on them. The illustration, pose, taglines, and character names are always very creative. For example, there has been Janelle as The Bombshell and Michelle as Big Meech, an oversized crying baby with the tagline "someone needs a nap." Then there was Paul Abrahamian the series' most prolific competition winner to date - as "The Motormouth" and Dan Gheesling as "The Funeral Director," in reference to his amazing strategy to get the veto holder to take him off the block.

The players must fly across to quickly view each cover, then find the covers that match, making note of every detail so they don't pick the almost identical decoy covers, and place them in order. The competition itself is fun but the actual comic book covers and the thought and detail that goes into creating them that make this competition the most creative.

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Big Brother: The 10 Most Creative Veto Competitions, Ranked - Screen Rant

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