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Magnus Carlsen

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen has broken down the highlight of Netflix sensation 'The Queens Gambit'.

An adaptation of the novel by Walter Tevis, The Queens GambitfollowsBeth, an orphan in 1960 Kentucky, discovering a talent for chess. Determined to become a Grandmaster, Beth is on a steady path to international fame and recognition, but struggles with addiction and loneliness.

Carlsen, world chess champion since 2013, has taken fans of the show through some clips in a new Netflix video.

I have watched The Queens Gambit with great interest, he said.

The chess stuff is incredibly well done, he added.

There is something that Carlsen loves particularly about Beth Harmon.

I cant stress enough that I love the way she respects the game, he said.

"She never stops studying, she never stops learning, he added.

He also said there is one moment in The Queens Gambit Carlsen has found relatable. That's whenBeth loses to Soviet champion Borgov in Paris, shown in episode 6.

Im somebody who has never been great in dealing with defeats, Carlsen admitted.

From my own experience in my career, there have definitely been opponents that I struggled with, he said.

He explained that Beths despair when she realizes theres nothing she can do against Borgov is very relatable.

There are just no chances, youre desperately looking for something, any chance that you can possibly find, Carlsen said.

Whenever you lose, you start questioning everything, basically, he added.

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Carlsen also weighed in on chess tournaments being a very male-dominated environment where women might not feel welcome.

In episode 2, Beth is determined to enterher very first tournament despite not having a rating. As soon as she tries to enroll, she's told the tournament doesnt have a womens section.

Especially in places where there hasnt been too much history of women playing chess, there is certainty a tendency for women not to feel all that welcome, Carlsen said.

Its been male-dominated for so long, and I think a lot of men want to keep it that way, he added.

I think telling [Beth] theres no womens section is uncalled for, the chess champion said.

The Queens Gambit is streaming on Netflix

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World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen On The Very Relatable Queens Gambit Scene - TheThings

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