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We at ChessBase have seen it happen, time and time again. A high-rank player, or a serious amateur, will say: "I want it to ...", and they will express their wishes for the next version of our database program. But often the answer is: "It can do that here's how!" A notable exception was Super-GM Fabiano Caruana, who asked for a number of genuinely new functions which we have built into ChessBase 16. They move the user a big step forward in preparation and analysis.

But you need to know how to use the program properly, and these new functions in particular. To this end you should allow a real power user show you how. Sagar Shah is an IM (with two GM norms), and the founder and CEO of ChessBase India. He is also a deeply respected chess trainer. Sagar recorded a 2-hour video tutorial on the use of ChessBase 16 and Mega Database 2021 the ideal combination to improve your understanding of the game. Start the video, maximize, sit back and just watch.

Don't be put off by the length of this tutorial watching it will translate into Elo points!You can stop the video at any stage and come back later. You can also watch individual sections again later, making sure you remember how to properly use the different functions. And you don't need to take notes we have done that for you, with time stamps. You can start the video (bookmark it in YouTube) and jump to the section you are interested in learning. You can even download and print out the notesas a DOC file,in PDForPowerpoint.

One point to note before you start:

ChessBase has a powerful search booster. If you have Mega Database 2021you should create a search booster in the "Maintenance" tab. It will take a few minutes, and only needs to be done once. After that searches which normally take four to seven minutes (when the program plays through eight million games from start to finish)require under one second. How this is possible is described in the article "The preposterously fast ChessBase search booster."

So here are the notes to the video tutorial above:

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How to get the most from ChessBase 16 - Chessbase News

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