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When Ninja Turtles was released in 1990, the media of the time say that martial arts became fashionable. The judo and karate schools were filled with new students and new centers arose where to learn and practice the movements of Leonardo, Rafael, Donatelo and Michelangelo.

Serve this anecdote to illustrate the power of fiction to make a song, a book, a hobby or anything else fashionable. That a melody sounds in a series or movie is a guarantee of success, hence record companies offer their catalogs to accompany a series or movie, even at the end, along with the credits.

The umpteenth phenomenon associated with a fiction is the success of Ladys Gambit, the Netflix series that has triggered searches for chess on Google. And it makes sense, considering that chess is a main element of this fiction. But chess has always had its fan base and is more alive than ever.

But any excuse is good for make chess fashionable. Playing chess is not always easy, if the basics are not known, but thanks to the internet we can to learn to play and even find online chess games to deal with other players or against artificial intelligence. In the past we have seen various mobile applications to play chess. Next, chess games for the browser.

With more than 28 million members, possibly It is the best option to play chess online, from your browser. At the time of this writing, more than 8 million games had been played that day.

It has everything. It serves to learn to play, to train yourself, to play alone or against others rivals There are even lessons from famous players and you can follow current events related to official competitions. There are even mini-games to learn chess, daily challenges and various modalities of classical chess.

Another advantage of is that it is available in multiple languages. In addition to English by default, you can play in Spanish or Catalan, among others.

Chess24 is another of the most relevant web pages if we talk about playing chess and following chess as a sport or as a professional activity. And it is that in addition to being able to play online you can read news about official competitions.

Available in several languages, including Spanish, you can to learn to play to chess with online courses, videos and specialized books. You can also play online by yourself or against others and even participate in tournaments from your browser.

You can also follow tournaments, recorded or live and even access a Online store packed with content related to chess.

As for the game, Chess24 It has the peculiarity of choosing time limits. So you can play quick games against others or against the machine in shifts of a few minutes or long lasting.

Available in English, French and German, Play chess is a website designed for chess players, both professionals, apprentices and amateurs. Its purpose, that you find everything you need to start, learn and have fun.

First, you can play according to your level of knowledge, play quick or timed games, join online tournaments or watch real games of professionals. And to learn, you have a variety of material, such as videos, opening exercises and a database of plays.

Play chess allows you to save your games, analyze them, face players from all over the world and, ultimately, enjoy everything that chess has to offer.

For years, the internet benchmark for chess has been The Internet Chess Club, and although it has lost popularity compared to other options such as, continues to offer resources to play chess, follow chess news and learn to play from scratch.

At the game level, you can play chess online or download the official mobile applications. Otherwise, it has its own online television channel with videos and related content, resources to learn for adults and children, etc.

The Internet Chess Club it is available in multiple languages. In addition, in his store you will find magazines, books and all kinds of merchandising related to chess.

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The best websites to play chess after watching 'Queen's Gambit' | Tech | December 17, 2020 - Explica

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