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Grandmaster Package is an intensive one-year chess course with professional teacher support.This is like studying a series of chess books, which follow a structured program and an integrated training method, with support from chess teachers who are always happy to answer your questions.

The course teaches at an advanced level the most important aspects for chess improvement: strategy, calculation, middlegames and complex endgames.

At the end of the course, the student is expected to have acquired both excellent theoretical knowledge and practical skills at the level of a strong chess master (22002300 FIDE rating).

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED The course is designed for advanced players and serious students who have set themselves high goals in chess. When they start the course, most of our students are in the range of 16002000 rating level and they gain 200400 rating points during the first year. That's a huge progress. See student testimonials.

BEGINNER INTERMEDIATEWe also have students who start the course with just a 1200 rating. The lessons are explained so that beginners can also understand and follow the course. The exercises may not be easy for beginners, but this is well compensated for by the solutions that explain HOW the idea could be found. This is much appreciated by our students.

With our thorough explanations, beginners learn chess the right way from the start and they can therefore achieve the most spectacular rating increases usually 500800 points in a year. More important than the immediate gain in rating points is that our course builds a solid chess foundation and teaches a correct way of thinking, which is essential for an aspiring chess master.

The course follows a complete, structured program for one year and one month (13 months). Check out the chess course program (PDF file).

The course program is designed for about 7 hours of study and training per week. It can help you to manage and organise the time that you spend learning chess and so ultimately save a lot of effort that would otherwise be wasted. You can also study at your own pace because your account and your access to the lessons do not expire.

The 'secret' behind the greatly successful Russian coaching system is intensive individual work.The students are assigned instructive games and positions to analyze individually at home. If the students have questions, they write them down carefully (together with any analysis and annotations) to be discussed with the coach in the next session.

This method was developed by Mikhail Botvinnik, former World Chess Champion. As a result of his coaching, three of his pupils also became World Chess Champions: Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik! Then, probably the best chess trainer of all time, Mark Dvoretsky, continued with the same method. He selected instructive positions to be solved individually by his pupils. Many of his students became top chess grandmasters.

We use the same method in the Grandmaster Package.

The course is really large and comes with a wide variety of materials that are of increasing complexity. The following samples are from the beginning of the course.

Using the written lessons (presented in PDF format), our students can use a real board for chess study. As it's strongly recommended by serious chess trainers, if you want to progress at chess you should use a real chess board.

Garry Kasparov: "Solve using a board. Solve [problems] at the chess board - a real one - not at the computer screen. If you want to make real improvement, real progress, try to stick with chess pieces. [...]Make sure that you solve everything at the chess board."

Weve selected to share with you a few reviews from some of the students who have completed our chess course.

"A very systematic and thorough program it really is fantastic I am already beating most masters more than half the games." - E.J.

"I played in my first international tournament and finished with an even score of 4.5/9, a FIDE performance of 2288, and a local performance of 2344. I have used almost exclusively your materials to attain this level of performance... The quality of the material throughout the course is very high and there is much material to work through. Good work guys your material was like a breath of fresh air. I am understanding and enjoying my chess better than ever before. My result is on the FIDE website now!" - M.H.

"Your student did really well today. He is now the newly crowned under 13 champion of Junior Chess Open [...]! I had a long conversation with his father and we both agree that you have a very good chess program and excellent teachers!!!" - K.L.A.

You can choose the monthly program or opt to receive the full course all at once. If you buy the full course, you get big discount, plus our complete Openings Preparation module as a bonus!

Your account is updated on a monthly basis for 13 months, giving you access to new lessons, annotated games, exercises and tests. You can pause, cancel or resume the monthly program whenever you want. If you don't interrupt your subscription, Month 13 will be free.

You'll get full access to the complete 13-month course with all the lessons, annotated games, exercises and tests. Youll have the liberty to access the course materials in any order that you like and without any limitation.

Opening Preparation Module: Opting for the full course, you'll get a great bonus tooour complete 13-month Opening Preparation module, $85 value.Download the Openings Preparation programThis module was built together with the core course so they follow the same principles and thinking pattern. Our opening lessons teach younot only the opening moves and ideas but also what TO DO in the middlegame. We focus a lot on this aspect because it's very important to know exactly what TO DO after the opening.

"This isnt just a 'pot boiler' like so many courses and books, but a serious, well thought out course of instruction. ...mastering the material coupled with time, play, and perseverance will surely suffice to create a player of master strength. Well done!" - Dr. Edward B., USA

"I wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of the material provided. I have an ELO of around 2150 and have read hundreds of chess books. Rarely, if ever, have I encountered such a clear explanation." - John M, USA

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Chess Course for High Performance: Grandmaster Package

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