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The 2020 Speed Chess Championshiphas been expanded with a brand new, multi-event qualification system and a significantly increased total prize fund of $250,000(a $150,000 increase over the 2019 event).

The main16-player SCC Main Event has a prize fund of $100,000, which is double last year's total purse for what had been the richest online blitz tournament. The tournament will run November 1 - December 12, 2020 with the semifinals on December 9, 11, and the finals on December 12.

Eight players will be invited directly to the Speed Chess Championship knockout bracket, while a qualification system will determine the eight remaining spots. The entire 2020 Speed Chess Championship family of events will be broadcast live on Chess.com/TV,Twitch.tv/Chess, and Youtube.com/Chess.

The qualification system includes theSpeed Chess Championship Grand Prix (previously Titled Tuesday), theJunior Speed Chess Championship, theSpeed Chess Championship Super Swiss, theSpeed Chess Championship Invitational, and theBullet Chess Championship.

Additionally, Chess.com has partnered with FIDE to expand the Women's Speed Chess Championshipand has massively increased the prize fund to a total of $50,000.

Below is the full schedule of events for 2020. You can find past Speed Chess Championship events here.

The Speed Chess Grand Prix runs from June to October 2020. The top four players qualify for the Speed Chess Championship Main Event.

Click here for all the information and the up-to-date standings for the SCC Grand Prix.

The 2020 Chess.com Junior Speed Chess Championship, sponsored by ChessKid, concluded October 7. GM Nihal Sarin earned a spot in the 2020 Speed Chess Championship Main Event.

All the info on the JSCC can be found here.

The Speed Chess Championship Super Swisswas held on October 3-4. GM Vladimir Fedoseev became the qualifier as the runner-up behind GM Hikaru Nakamura, who is already seeded into the Main Event.

Click here for all the information.

The Speed Chess Championship Invitational was a sixteen-player knockout tournament held Sunday, October 25, 2020 with a $8,000 prize fund. GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda defeated GM Sergey Karjakin in the final and became the last player added to the Main Event.

Click here for all the information.

Broadcast and Streaming:

All 2020 Speed Chess Championship matches will be broadcast live with full chess-master commentary onChess.com/TV,Twitch.tv/Chess andYoutube.com/Chess.

2020 Speed Chess Championship Main Event Schedule and Results:

Dates: November 1-December 12, 2020.

Round of 16






Qualifier Formats:

All qualifying events have their own formats and rules, listed respectively at the linked articles above.

Main Event Format:


For theofficial rulesof the Speed Chess Championship,please visit this article.


The following chess players have confirmed their participation in the 2020 Speed Chess Championship main bracket:

Main Event Final Prizes: $100,000 in total

Prizes by Round:

Prize breakdown:

Round 1: 16 players, 8 matches, $32,000 prize pool

Round 2: 8 players, 4 matches, $24,000 prize pool

Round 3: 4 players, 2 matches, $24,000 prize pool

Round 4: 2 players, 1 match, $20,000 prize pool

You can read about our previous Speed Chess Championships here:

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2020 Speed Chess Championship: All The Information - Chess.com

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