INTERVIEW: Video creation app Firework insists it is more than a TikTok rival as it woos publishers in India – Business Insider India

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For the Indian market, we don't look at creators who are trying to put a trick, instead look at creators who are good storytellers. We have people like florists and pet therapists these are people who wouldnt easily get a following on a social media platform. We take that content and allow it to exist across a large swath of partners it could be a blog, or a website or an e-commerce portal, said Nair, who earlier led Alt Balaji, worked with Reliance Jio and Star Network. In fact, almost every creator on Firework who gains popularity on the app or builds revenue is verified, according to Nair. A team of moderators also check on the quality score of each video.

The US-based Firework aims to create a web community for video consumers as well as creators, including individuals and brands. From being considered by Google for a possible acquisition, today, the startup is betting on the Indian market with a seemingly ceaseless hunger for video content.

While most companies come to India for the sheer scale that the populous country offers, Firework is looking beyond the millions of users, most of whom prefer free services.

Explaining the companys strategy in India, Jason Holland, the Head of Global Strategy for Firework, said that they are roping in publishers as much as they are wooing individual content creators. In our conversations with publishers in India, as we go through understanding what their needs look like, we always talk about video and their strategic roadmap. And you know, whether video is important to them. And the overwhelming response to that is yes, absolutely, it is, he said.


Fireworks would charge an amount for creating the content. We don't just do regular filters. Our app offers more for users to create better videos. We have built tools, which allows the user to use the camera in various ways if you're an iPhone user, you could use the front and back camera together, if you are an Android user, you could use the 360 degree camera feature, said Nair.

So, it is not just an app for people to put videos like they do on TikTok or Instagram reels. Firework has another vertical which serves businesses too.

This is the vertical that is seeing a stronger growth in India, according to Holland. The next one year is going to be pretty interesting because the next year will open up the market. We're looking at regional content Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, among others. Those are going live and we have significant traction that's coming out there, he said.

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INTERVIEW: Video creation app Firework insists it is more than a TikTok rival as it woos publishers in India - Business Insider India

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