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Riot Games revealed this past week that they will be holding season tournaments for Legends Of Runeterra after a new deal. According to the info released by the company, they have formed a new partnership with Wisdom Gaming Group that begins in early December and runs throughout 2021. Wisdom will be producing broadcasts and handling tournament organizations on behalf of Riot Games, specifically for the North American broadcast of the game's seasonal tournament system. These seasonal tournaments will be held at the end of each bi-monthly season, as they will begin on December 6th with the first one of this partnership. Over the course of two days of gameplay, the top 1,024 players from four regional servers will have the ability to compete for a grand prize of $10k. The final matches broadcast live on Twitch and other streaming platforms, but the details of when were not specified. All of those who compete will have a chance to earn an exclusive card, which can be done by winning three matches within the tournament. We have a couple of quotes below about the new setup, as we wait for the first tournament to kick off next Sunday.

"We're thrilled to continue working with Riot to build the competitive Legends Of Runeterra community," says Ian Anderson, SVP of Wisdom Gaming. "Much like Teamfight Tactics, this brilliant CCG is core to the evolution of our internal brand, Giant Slayer, and our on-going partnerships with Riot in both titles will help to catalyze the great esports moments that are yet ahead of us as both fans and players."

"We're excited to facilitate tremendous competition with our Legends Of Runeterra Seasonal Tournaments in North America," says Chris Greeley, Commissioner of the LCS and Director of Esports. "Based on Wisdom and Giant Slayer's proven history of accomplishments, we're confident they'll help us deliver something truly special to players over the course of multiple tournaments and broadcasts."

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Legends Of Runeterra Will Now Have Seasonal Tournaments - Bleeding Cool News

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