Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Five Dates, Sniper Elite V4, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, and Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead shuffle onto Switch…

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Were pretty sure Nintendo didnt originally plan theirmajor Christmas release to be a Zelda spin-off developed by an outside studio (KoeiTecmo), but then, 2020 has scrubbed plans across the board. Our guess is that atleast one other first-party release was due around now, pushed into 2021 for theobvious reason. Nevertheless, its a busy week with a handful of big third-partygames due.

First, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity review scores. The Dynasty Warriors alike has, predictably, gained mostly favourable reviews IGN, GameSpew and TheSixthAxis felt it was worthy of a 9/10 while God is a Geek opted for an 8.5. It isnt all sunshine and rainbows though, with some middling reviews dragging the Metacritic down. GameSpot was disappointed by the number of grinding missions and some performance issues. Likewise, VCG claimed its crying out for better hardware with the humble Switch buckling under the strain. The Metro, meanwhile, simply found it too simplistic. Its worth noting that they arent too keen on the Dynasty Warriors series, mind.

Sniper Elite V4 has been getting great reviews too,boasting an 80% Metacritic.There may be some slightly rough edges, with duff writing, naff characters andgameplay that doesnt change much from start to finish but, overall, this isplayful snipers paradise that lands on Switch in a truly impressive port,said NintendoLife before dishing out an 8/10.

NintendoLife also gave Wales Interactives FMV rom-com Five Dates a goingover, resulting in a 6/10. This hour-long dating spree takes around an over tofinish, offering 750+ possible outcomes. While they found the execution commendable,they were at a loss over who its actually aimed at.

Then theres the strategic construction sim spin-off BridgeConstructor: The Walking Dead, which TheXbox Hub took a look at. They ultimately enjoyed slaughtering the festeringundead: Killing walkers by conjuring up weird contraptions is fun, while thenew hero commands add a whole extra layer to the strategic affair, they said.

After a week delay, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin isfinally out too. Weve mentioned (and even reviewed)this one already. In short, its a brilliant mix of rice farming, demon hack nslashing, and home cooking the three gameplay types somehow work incredibly well,and its accompanied by smooth visuals including a day/night cycle with picturesqueviews.

Others to consider include the rogue-like Star Renegades which went downwell on PC the three game-strong Serious Sam Collection, spaceagency sim Mars Horizon, pixel art platformer Micetopia, and BigBens Monster Truck Championship.

Something called Fall Gummies is out too, presumablyso-called so that it appears whenever someone searches for Fall Guys. Cheekyor smart? Were undecided.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity 49.99

Play as Link and Zelda, along with Impa and the fourChampions of Hyrule, as they try to stop the kingdom from being brought to ruinby Calamity Ganon. Together, battle against the encroaching darkness andrewrite the kingdoms destiny!

Experience a unique story featuring familiar faces fromThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildand see Hyrule from a different perspective before the Great Calamity struck.

Sniper Elite 4 34.99

Experience tactical third-person combat, gameplay choice andepic sharpshooting across gigantic levels as you liberate World War 2 Italyfrom the grip of fascism.

Unrivalled sniping freedom. Complete the campaign your way

Epic longshots with bone-crushing X-ray kill cam

Team-up or go head-to-head with local & onlinemultiplayer

Feel every shot with HD rumble & pan the battlefieldwith gyroscopic controls

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin 34.99

Spoiled harvest goddess Sakuna finds herself banished fromher opulent celestial home to an island overrun with demons. In the untamed wilderness,she must rediscover her birthright as the daughter of a warrior god and harvestgoddess by weathering the elements, fighting monsters, and cultivating rice,the source of her power. By her side in this forbidding place is her guardianTama and a group of outcast humans. Together, these unlikely companions mustjoin hands to tame both the soil and the demons of Hinoe Island.

Developed by Edelweiss, the indie team behind the acclaimedAstebreed, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin combines side-scrolling action with deepcrafting and farming simulation in a powerful tale about finding ones place inthe world.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead 11.99

Experience the fun of KILLING WALKERS using the POWER ofyour BRAIN!

Prepare for the ultimate mashup experience! BridgeConstructor: The Walking Dead combines the legendary and challenging puzzlegameplay of Bridge Constructor with the post-apocalyptic zombie universe ofAMCs The Walking Dead.

Join a group of survivors as they fight against hordes ofundead walkers and a hostile human community. Build bridges and otherconstructions through bleak landscapes and ruined structures. Team up withfan-favorite characters like Daryl, Michonne and Eugene, and create safepassage for iconic vehicles from the series.

Use movable level objects, explosives and baits to youradvantage as you lure walkers into lethal traps and guide your survivors tosafety. Enjoy the physics-based frenzy and ragdoll animations as walkerssuccumb to the forces of gravity.

Serious Sam Collection 26.99

Experience one of the most explosive shooter game series ofall time as you save the world from a merciless alien invasion. Visit the ruinsof ancient Egypt and roam through the vivid arenas of South America fightingseemingly never-ending hordes of enemies using an extremely destructive arsenalincluding shotguns, heavy lasers, rocket launchers, a huge cannon and an iconicminigun.

Tired of playing alone? Go to war against Mentals horde with up to 4 playersin local co-op, blasting your way through the campaign or the stand-alonesurvival mode. Finally, put your skills to the test against other players inclassic multiplayer modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture theFlag and more.

Serious Sam Collection includes all content from Serious Sam HD: The FirstEncounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam 3: BFE,including The Legend of the Beast and Jewel of the Nile expansions.

Travel Mosaics 6: Christmas Around the World 7.19

The festive season is here, and the Walkers have preparedthe most adventurous celebration imaginable! Do you know where Santasresidence is? What is the most common Czech Chistmas treat? Where can you findthe largest floating Christmas tree? Learn these fun facts and more in TravelMosaics 6: Christmas Around the World!

The holiday special edition of Travel Mosaics features yourfavorite nonogram puzzles mixed together with the festive spirit! Each puzzleis handcrafted and features a recognizable Christmas-themed picture that isrevealed as you play.

The game is suitable for players of all skill levels: choosethe easy mode for relaxed gameplay or test your skills in the difficult mode.As you play, you can collect cute souvenirs from all over the world to decorateWalkers living room. All of this and much more awaits you in the holidayspecial of Travel Mosaics!

Mars Horizon 14.99

In Mars Horizon, you take control of a major space agency,leading it from the dawn of the space age through to landing astronauts onMars. Guide your agency through the space race and write your alternate historyof space travel any of the agencies can be the first to land on The Moon ifyou make the right choices.

Youre in charge of every element of the journey into space:success rides on your decisions.

Will you push to stay ahead of the other agencies, or focuson testing and research? There are multiple ways to ensure the first person onMars is under your command. Every choice matters: will you invest in the mostadvanced technology or take risks in the rush to the red planet?

Truck Driver 44.99

When you inherit a truck from your father, you decide totake your chance and move to a new city. Here, its up to you to make a namefor yourself and earn the respect of the local community. Drive through aseamless open world, work with all kinds of people ranging from a constructorto a lumberjack and honor your father by making it as a Truck Driver!

Flatland: Prologue 1.79

Run as fast and precise as you can through Flatland, aminimalist neon-style world that is about to change forever. This is afast-paced hardcore platformer with hand-crafted levels and challenges.

Five Dates 9.99

Five Dates is an interactive rom-com about the unpredictableworld of digital dating. With five potential female matches, Vinny exploreswhether compatibility, chemistry and connection is still possible in a worldwhere physical touch is no longer an option.

Vinny, a millennial from London, joins a dating app for thefirst time while living in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. With fivepotential female matches, Vinny must pluck up courage to video date with wildlydifferent personalities, starring Mandip Gill and Georgia Hirst.

Pure Pool 12.49

Enjoy the most realistic and immersive simulation of cuesports on Nintendo Switch, with stunning 1080p visuals and more ways than everto play pool and snooker!

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes 4.49

This game is a unique mix of rogue-like with dungeonexploration, RPG, turn-based tactics and collectible card game. At the base ofthe turn-based system are not turns, but time. Find and improve new heroes andget coins to buy new spells. But remember, a heros death will be fatal.

Karma Knight 6.89

Karma Knight is a fast paced 2D side-scrolling platformaction game with stylish combat.

Find hidden items in the stages, collect different spells,defeat the enemies as you gain more experience and enjoy the overall platformaction game style.

Eldrador Creatures 31.49

Plunge into the world of Eldrador Creatures in thisturnbased strategy game. Go into combat together with your favourite EldradorCreatures in the Battle for the 4 Worlds and defeat the other teams so that youcan call the mighty Superweapon your own and rule over Eldrador!

Art Sqool 8.99

In ART SQOOL you are Froshmin, and its your freshman year.Create art, explore the beautiful, mysterious, sprawling campus, and completetasks given to you by the professor.

The professor is a neural network, an art-trained A.I., aswell as your faculty advisor. He uses his high-tech capabilities to objectivelygrade your work. The campus is spread over a number of floating islands andfilled with bizarrely shaped objects and bizarre plants. In addition to that,you can fly around.

Brawl Chess 8.99

Are you ready to become a champion? Choose your hero andchallenge other players in this family-friendly game with a lively cartoonstyle. Train your brain and bond with your loved ones at the same time.

In this fantasy world, one of brave heroes leads your chessarmy to victory.

Cartoon visuals make the game accessible to everyone. Whatsgoing on there! Arrows fly above heads and swords break in the heat of battle.Or maybe you prefer classic chess? You can always change your pieces totraditional ones.

Brawl Chess connects generations in a multiplayer, but asingle player will also appeal to players of all ages. There are 5 levels ofdifficulty. The first is great for children to learn. The fifth is suited forchess veterans who are looking for a serious challenge.

The Casino -Roulette, Video Poker, Slot Machines, Craps,Baccarat- 8.99

Play Roulette, Video Poker, Slot Machines, Craps, andBaccarat all in one collection!

Experience the thrill of earning coins at an affordableprice!

Micetopia 4.99

Welcome to the medieval, magical kingdom of Micetopia, wheremice live in freely an idyllic country village. Unfortunately as the storybegins forces of evil have taken away all the mice except for the one elderremaining. Can you become the hero of Micetopia and save your villagers fromthe dark minions?

In Micetopia you play as a brave mouse who must fight, jump,and explore its way through a world of mystery. Overcome enemies, gain newpowers and rescue your compatriots from the clutches of their captors. Do youhave what it takes for the elder to bestow upon you the title Hero of Micetopia?

Fall Gummies 6.99

Fall Gummies is a relaxing, colorful 3D puzzle game. Thestory takes place in a fantastic world of happy jellies. Unfortunately one daya huge meteorite hit the planet pushing it towards the black hole. It suckedall the emotions out of the planet and then collapsed. Help our little friendsto regain their happiness by collecting the magical essence through thelabyrinth!

Ramp Car Jumping 13.49

Flip spin careen and barrel roll!

The faster you go, the further you fly and the more stuffgets demolished!

Santas Xmas Adventure 7.19

Santa had an accident! He lost his way, and all the gifts.Help him get to his goal by sliding tiles to form a path.

A classic puzzle game which is harder than it looks! 720levels across three modes to master.

Test your skills and join Santas adventure! When yourestuck, use a hint. The game is accessible to players of all ages and abilitiesthrough the Hints system.

Are you up for the challenge?

Fantasy Friends 24.99

Fantasy Friends takes place in a gorgeous fantasy forestwhere anything is possible! With the help of Aurea, the magic fairy, you willcare for 12 adorable new pet friends! Take care of them and make sure you givethem all the love they need. If you do, your pets will grow up and play withyou!

The more you care for them, keeping them happy and healthy,the more mana you will earn. Use your mana to get new creatures, buy them newclothes or even cooler toys to play with, and decorate the forest withincredible fun items!


Several years after Yuuji Kazami and his friends fought fortheir lives in a fierce battle, a new generation of heroines gather at MihamaAcademy, which has been reinstated as a specialist training school.

Taking place in the same world as The Fruit of Grisaia, newcharacters bring an exciting fresh take in the fifth story of this brand newseries!

This thrilling story, which unfolds at the reborn MihamaAcademy, will undoubtedly excite not only those who have played previousreleases, but those who are new to the series as well!

Educational Games for Kids 11.95

You are a parent and you are trying to relax a little byplaying your favorite game. Your child keeps asking you to let them try it

But this game is not suitable for children (because its alittle scary and not educational at all). Does this situation sound familiar?

At last: a well thought-out, smart, polished, consolequality educational game pack is out for your kids.

Outbreak 11.69

Explore a nightmarish environment, scrounge for supplies,and battle the undead in Outbreak a hardcore survival horror game. The clocknever stops as you attempt to manage an extremely limited inventory with amurderous horde on the hunt. Choose between acquiring additional weapons,healing items, or necessary tools for progression. Play through the Campaignand Onslaught Modes alone or with a friend in local co-op, including the optionfor AI teammates. Also experience small survivor horror vignettes in theNightmares mode. You have only one life. Make it count!

Azurebreak Heroes 6.29

Escape the Prison-World!

Through the bizarre, colorful, yet dark areas of Heldia,Heroes look for a way to escape a demonic grasp.

Azurebreak Heroes is a 2D RPG with roguelite elements.Battle otherworldly creatures, enhance your skills, unlock new heroes andchoose the upgrades you want while looking for a way to escape a prison-worldof Heldia.

Star Renegades 19.99

A service robot named J5T-1N has arrived in your dimensionto warn of impending doom from an overwhelming force known as the Imperium.

Fight for survival across a procedurally generated andemergent mission-based campaign through reactive, tactical turn-based battlesystem that emphasizes interrupts and counters. Standing in your way is anintelligent Adversary system with enemy officers that evolve and move up in theranks.

As your band of heroes fall in the fight against invadingImperium and hope is all but lost, J5T-1N must be sent to the next dimensionwith everything youve learned to give the next group of heroes a chance toprevail. Each dimension, and each playthrough is unique, challenging, and neverthe same.

Monster Truck Championship 34.99

From Las Vegas to Orlando, go head-to-head againstexperienced drivers in drag races and freestyle competitions! But before youcan pull off doughnuts, wheelies and bicycles, you must first tune your truckto perfection. These machines are spectacular and impressive yet highlytechnical to drive. The game faithfully reproduces all the unique demands ofmastering these powerful trucks, including independent front and rear wheelmanagement, mass transfer anticipation in bends, and predicting bounces after jumps.

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Five Dates, Sniper Elite V4, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, and Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead shuffle onto Switch...

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