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The Community Health Education Social Services (CHESS) has launched a cross border peace-building project styled as Dialogue to Overturn Violence and Enhance Peace in bordering communities in Liberia and the Ivory Coast.

The project launched on November 13, 2020, is targeting 12 communities in four administrative districts, including Gbehlay, Twah River, Buu Yao, and Kparblee on the Liberian side.

According to the Executive Director of CHESS J. Alexander Nyahn, this cross-border engagement between Cote dIvoire is intended to reinforce social cohesion and border security along the borderline.

The project is also aimed at strengthening inclusive and cohesive conflict prevention and dispute resolution platform for dialogue on social cohesion and protection, and promotion of womens rights and trade between Liberia and Ivory Coast over the period of eight months.

The occasion brought together security actors from both sides of the border as well as local leaders representing the four administrative districts.

Mr. Nyan told reporters that the project represents phase II of the UNDP/PBF funded Dove Peace program.

The project will also enhance free movement along the border communities, boost economic activities among the citizens, and ensure that womens rights are protected.

The peace initiative is based on a community-driven approach, including cultural festivals and trade fair, where all the communities converse with the security actors involved to deliver peace messages.

Mr. Nyahn praised the security for attending the program, saying, We are here to buttress the work you are carrying on along the borderline.

The Ivorian security apparatus representative who attended the program hailed the occasion and urged the organizer to include the citizens or chiefs on the Ivorian side to form part.

In 2012, a similar occasion was held in Zwedru among chiefs from the Ivory Coast and Liberia in support of peace and security among the bordering communities.

CHESS-LIBERIA is one of the locally-based reputable and award-winning organizations. It is a national nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonreligious, and Non-governmental organization (NGO) that was founded on February 16, 2004, by the Liberian health worker J. Alexander Nyahn, Sr to provide preventive health services and social protection for over 250,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and 55,000 Cote dIvoire and Sierra Leonean refugees in the Saclepea Refugee Camp.

CHESS-LIBERIA envisages an empowered community free of preventable diseases, poverty, and social marginalization. Its mission is to ensure access to good health and well-being of the rural poor, including refugees and people affected by war, natural disasters, and social discrimination.

We do this by specializing in community/preventive health, research, advocacy, and livelihoods for sustainable rural development with more than 16 years experience working with communities to save lives, he said.

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CHESS Launches Cross Border Peace Initiative Between Liberia and Ivory Coast - Liberian Daily Observer

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