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Chess is often seen as a very serious, highly intellectual board game, and if thats all youre after, there are video games like Chess Ultra and Pure Chess to fulfil your needs. But if you require a more family-friendly experience, with fantastical characters to entice the kids in, then Brawl Chess Gambits arrival on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch should grab your attention.

Brawl Chess Gambit isnt doing anything to change or desecrate the centuries-old game of chess, in fact it sticks to the core principles of chess while simultaneously managing to modernise it for a new audience. First off, you must decide upon a fantasy themed character to lead the army into battle, with choices including a clever elf, mysterious fairy or even a humorous prince. The chessboard here is given an injection of excitement, courtesy of arrows flying above heads and swords breaking in the heat of the moment presented using cartoony animations to ensure a family-friendly approach.

The aim is to encourage people to try chess and improve their ability to concentrate, use logic, and strategise. Brawl Chess Gambit targets youngsters especially by delivering an art style and funny visuals that will keep them attentive. Dont worry if you or your family grow tired of the silly theme though, because the option is available to switch to a more traditional set-up whenever you wish.

Features include:

Whether youre gearing up for a solo effort against the AI, or some local action to teach your kids how to lose gracefully, Brawl Chess Gambit is out right for your perusal. It wont take much thinking to find it, just move a few spaces forward, towards the Xbox Store, where youll have to pay 8.39 to own Brawl Chess Gambit. Be sure to let us know how you get on with it via the comments section below.

Game Description:

In this fantasy world, one of the brave heroes leads your chess army to victory. Choose between a mysterious fairy, a dangerous dwarf, a clever elf, a brave prince, and many more. Cartoon visuals make the game friendly to everyone. Whats going on there! Arrows fly above heads and swords break in the heat of battle. Or maybe you prefer classic chess? You can always change your pieces to traditional ones. Brawl Chess Gambit connects generations in a multiplayer mode, but a single player will also appeal to players of all ages. There are five levels of difficulty. The first is great for kids to learn. The fifth is suited for chess experts who are looking for a serious challenge.

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Brawl Chess - Gambit brings an old classic up to date on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Switch - TheXboxHub

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