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The 2020 NBA Draft has come and gone. We saw dreams come true, we saw players traded away from their teams, and we saw a run on big men that made it seem like we were back in 2005. Here are 65 thoughts that I took away from a draft that was, frankly

Kind of an unremarkable night, which is fitting for a relatively unremarkable draft. Its an important night for every kid who got drafted, and it got chaotically fun for a while in the middle portion of the first round when teams started wheeling and dealing up the board. But overall, this draft felt more like the eye of the hurricane that was in the middle of Mondays star-based wheeling/dealing and this weekends forthcoming free agency. Part of that could be because there was a bit of a feeling of apathy league-wide about the top of the draft in comparison to other years. However, I think largely that feeling is because of

The trades that didnt happen at the top of the draft...

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2020 NBA Draft: Sam Vecenie's likes and dislikes - The Athletic

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