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11/11/2020 ChessBase 16 is already in the starting blocks and will be released on 17th November 2020. Now everyone wants to know: what are the new features in this version? What innovations are on the horizon? And what is the "key to new ideas"? ChessBase co-founder Matthias Wuellenweber, who has developed all ChessBase versions since 1986 with his team, presents the most interesting innovations in the video. Part 2 of the five-part series (in which ChessBase programmer Jeroen van den Belt is also involved) deals with "opening surveys" and how they are calculated.

Matthias Wuellenweber explains to us how to easily create interesting variations in your favourite openings. These variations can be defined in the tab "Surveys" by different settings so that a targeted result is quickly achieved. Be it as a real "Gambit" player, who has club level and wants to find an answer,playing against the Sicilian Defense with the Black pieces, or as a grandmaster, who is looking for "trendy" innovations in the Kings Indian.

In this five-part series, which is shown every day before ChessBase 16 is released, our programmers give us a small insight into the latest functions of our royal product.

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ChessBase 16 - The new features (Part 2) - Chessbase News

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