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In order to improve at chess, you have to review your games and you also have to review and learn from the chess games of past masters. Storing your games in a chess database allows you to keep a historical account of all of your important chess games, and allows you to learn from your mistakes and track your progress.

Below is a list of both online and offline chess databases that allow you to either store, analyze and review your own chess games or review the games of masters.


Very large online database that allows you to store your own games as and it also contains a large database of master games. The database contains games from 1396432 players,562725 chess tournaments, and 8,978,091chessgames

Chess Microbase

Save, annotate, publish and share your games. Allows you to create a database of your own games. Stores the games in PGN format, and allows for annotations using text and graphics via the browser. Perfect for storing and annotating your own games. Save small, relevant game collections. Ideal for coaches wanting to share lessons or players doing opening preparation.

Chess Tempo Chess Database

Provides over two million searchable chess games. The database can be searched via many criteria, including chess players, chess opening, player ratings, game result, and the year the chess game was played. Chess opening statistics can been viewed on the display to the right of the board. You can start from any position by using the paste FEN/moves button directly below the chess board.

ChessBase Reader 2013

The latest ChessBase Reader conveniently displays all installed databases and training titles. Opens all standard file formats (.cbh, .cbf, .pgn). Allows you to play through games on the chessbase chess board. Allows you to watch ChessBase training videos. Database is limited to .

Shanes Chess Information Database (SCID)

SCID allows you to view, edit, and manage very large collections of chess games. It is a very powerful open source free chess database program. Works on Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems. Can read millions of games in PGN format.

What is your favorite free chess database?

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Top 5 Free Chess Databases - Chess for Beginners

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