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11/10/2020 Yesterday, November 9, was the 50th anniversary of the 1970 Interzonal Tournament played in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The best players in the world participated, including four giants of the chess world hailing from the Soviet Union: Vasily Smyslov, Efim Geller, Mark Taimanov and Lev Polugaevsky. | Photo: Chessy Publishing House

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German grandmaster Robert Hbner, who surprised the chess world by finishing fourthth and qualifying to the Candidatesmatches, declared once the tournament was over:Due to the great success of Bobby Fischer, this tournament willnot be forgotten. And it should not be forgotten that Fischer scoredsevenvictories in a row in the last sevengames of the tournament simply an astounding performance, which camebefore his13 consecutive victories in the three Candidatesmatches against Taimanov, Larsen and Petrosian.

It was one of the most important events held in Spain in those years. On November 9, 1970 the tournament officially began, and on the same morning the drawing of lots took place in the Town Hall, with the presence ofthe municipal authorities and theparticipants. An official tournament within the cycle for the World Championship, which was to designate the candidates to fight forthe world title against BorisSpassky.In the end,American star BobbyFischer gained the right to challenge the Soviet representative and reigning champion.

Bobby Fischer | Photo: Levy

It was Bobby Fischers last tournament appearance, as he would only play five more head-to-head matches first amongthe Candidates and then against the champion. Professional chess gained relevance thanks to Fischer, as prize funds increased notably thanks to his popularity.

This Interzonal Tournament is considered to be the strongest in chess history. A mythical tournament played in Spain, one that was stronger in my opinion thanthose played in Linares later on.

Photo: Levy

Another very curious detail is that Bobby Fischer (who was semi-retired) had not participated in the last U.S. Championship, which served as a qualifeerfor theInterzonal, sothe U.S. Federation needed to make adiplomatic effortto get the approval of the International Chess Federation for him to participate. Paul Benko gave up his sport in order for Fischer to play.

Chessy, a Spanish publishing house, put outa very special and complete book about this tournament, withpress clippings depicting the relevance of the event, an album with photographs of the tournament, dailychronicles, and most of the games with analysis and commentary.

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50th anniversary of the Interzonal in Palma de Mallorca - Chessbase News

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