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The Queens Gambit is one of the must-watch shows on Netflix this weekend

Its the first full weekend of November, so what are the must-watch shows on Netflix? Many new episodes are coming up in November in including The Crown and American Horror Story.

So, what shows should you check out this weekend? Below we have a list of some popular shows you need to check out.

This limited series is sitting in the number one spot on Netflixs top ten TV shows.The Queens Gambit is set in the 1950s and follows a young orphan girl and her journey to become a chess champion.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy, who struggles with depression and addiction while vying for the worlds greatest chess players title.

This series is a true coming of age story that explores drug dependency and the ups and downs of being blessed with a genius mind.

Taylor-Joy is joined by Marielle Heller, Thomas Brodi-Sangster, Moses Ingram, Herry Melling and Bill Camp.

The series has received great reviews and even has a 100% rating on Rotton Tomatoes. This is one you most definitely should check out.

Sadly, the Scranton Branch and all of its employees will be leaving Netflix at the beginning of 2021. Its your last chance to binge The Office for the 100th time.

Its evident that fans are taking this advice to heart because the series finds itself on the Netflix top ten list once again.

Be sure to check it out before it is gone forever.

This animated series is sitting high on Netflixs top ten list at number three. CoComelon is a childrens animated series that helps kids learn.

Cocomelon started with videos on YouTube and has now made its way to Netflix. This summer, season one of the series was released, and kids are going crazy for this show. Forbeshas reported that this series has been on Netflixs top ten list for 62 days!

This one of the must-watch shows on Netflix is ideal for all the moms and dads stuck home with their toddlers due to the pandemic. The episodes are three hour-long runs of nursery rhymes that teach toddlers numbers, letters and other things toddlers need to learn.

Another new series on Netflix is Grand Army. This series follows five high school students in Brooklyns largest public school.

Katie Cappiello, the shows creator, adapted the series from her 2013 play,Slut.The series follows five high school students and their stories and what they deal with as teenagers.

StarringOdessa Azion, Odley Jean, Amir Bageria, Maliq Johnson and Amalia Yoo, Grand Army devels into the unfortunate normalization of horrific things teens shouldnt have to deal with. Rape, bomb threats, sexual identity, and racism face teens daily and this series looks at those topics and shows how teens face them head-on.

This dramatic series is very emotional and will draw you into each of these characters lives.

This television docuseries originally aired in 2016 on A&E and now 10 episodes of 60 Day In is available on Netflix. This series is your next true-crime reality series to binge.

Volunteers are incarcerated as undercover prisoners for 60 days to look into the corruption in the prison system. The fact that these volunteers are undercover is kept secret from most of the jail officials and all of the guards and inmates. They are given a backstory, fake criminal charges, a new name and everything to help them acclimate to prison life.

The first season that is now available on Netflix was filmed in the Clark County jail in Indiana and it is sitting at number eight on Netflixs top ten list of TV shows.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy some of these must-watch shows on Netflix.

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