Trump Isn’t Playing 3-D Chess. He’s Eating the Checker. – The Daily Beast


Trumps hype men like to say that hes so smart. A tactical genius. Always 14 moves ahead of you libtards. Surely, the Trumpkins say, theres a deep logic to the president spending the waning days of his campaign attacking Americas most respected public-health expert.

Under no circumstance is Trump just blurting out a bunch of Oh, who are we kidding? The guy has the emotional control and strategic wisdom of a toddler.

I feel like it's important to remember: He is never playing three-dimensional chess. He's just eating a checker, Molly Jong-Fast quips on the latest episode of The New Abnormal.

And, and the thing is, it was not a strategic move. He's just such a baby that the crowd started chanting, fire Fauci, fire Fauci, and he can't help himself but wanting to fill that hole, that black hole, in his heart. And so, he gives the people what they want, political strategist Tim Miller says.

Rick Wilson chortles, channeling Trump: Before I fire Fauci, I want a warm-up by setting this bucket of kittens on fire.

No, but seriously. The craziest part about this crazy episode, The Beasts Erin Banco explains, is that Trump thinks hes absolutely crushed it on COVID response.

When the president talks about it to his advisers, he's reinforced by the people around him, who believe that they just killed it, that they did an awesome job, she says.

Plus! Bill Barrs white horse! Marco Rubios parachute pants! Ric Grenells true obsession! New Jerseys neo-Confederate dumbfucks! Bill Stepien's escape plans! And Jesse the Producers first-ever Fuck That Guy!

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Trump Isn't Playing 3-D Chess. He's Eating the Checker. - The Daily Beast

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