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The Bugatti Bolide Concept, which is a track-focused supercar has impressive numbers. An 8.0-liter W16 engine, 1,824 horsepower, 1,364 lb-ft of torque, a power-to-weight ratio of 0.67 kg/PS, and a weight of 1,240 kilograms all dazzle.

Another impressive number the claimed 3:07.1 lap time around LeMans and 5:23.1 around the Nurburgrings Nordschleife. Problem is, those numbers are based on simulations.

Theres nothing wrong with automakers using a simulation to find out how fast their carsmightgo around famous race circuits, but its a bit unusual for a company to use a simulated time as a claim, as opposed to waiting until it can get a prototype out for a real-life lap.

Perhaps this would be less annoying if it was clearly marked as a simulation in the press release, but Bugatti instead used a footnote to quietly note the truth.

Theres no reason to think the Bolide wont be amazing to drive, and amazingly fast, if its built. But using simulated runs around two of the worlds most famous racetracks to make claims is more than a little shady.

A bit of free advice to Bugatti PR: If youre going to make a claim based on a simulation, make it extremely clear from go.

A quick scan of a few news articles shows that while journalists were quick to point out that the claims were made by Bugatti but not verified, they didnt point out that the claim was based on a simulation. Having read the release, I wouldnt be surprised if they simply didnt notice.

On the list of shady things an OEM can do, this is pretty low and exceptionally annoying. As for the news writers who didnt mention that it a simulation was the cause of the claims, lets hope it was simply a failure to notice a small-font footnote. Being too credulous because you failed to spot an easy-to-miss caveat is understandable. Spotting it and failing to care is not.

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8 Comments on Bugatti Bolide's Claimed Nurburing Time Isn't Real... - The Truth About Cars

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