The Check is in the Mail: October 2020 | US –


John Walton is the winner of the 18Q08 Trophy Quad with a perfect 6/6 score.

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John Walton (courtesy subject)

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Harry Ingersol (courtesy subject)

Harry Ingersol earned the Senior International Master title awarded by the International Correspondence Chess Federation. The SIM title is one step away from the Grandmaster title. Harry has had great success in US Chess play also. He finished second in the 2007 Electronic Knights and amassed a great number of first, second, and third place finishes in US Absolute play. We cheer SIM Ingersol on this rare achievement.

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Allen Woollen (courtesy subject)

Allen Woollen, who won a 2018 Palciauskas Tournament has won again. This time it includes a trophy, winning with a perfect score in 19Q04.

John Collins

Greg Whitlock 19C09 6-0

Craig Faber 19C01 4-2

Michael Horvath 19C01 4-2

Trophy Quad

Allen Woollen 19Q04 6-0

John Walton 18Q09 6-0

Walter Muir

Alex Strobehn 19W15 4-2

Allyne Smith 20W13 6-0

Kele Perkins 20W08 5-1

Swift Quad

Daniel Brenneman 19SQ10 5-

David Will 20SQ02 6-0

Howard Sample from Toledo, Ohio, was born August 9, 1960, died August 13, 2020.

Eugene Bedard of Gardner Massachusetts was born June 26, 1942 died August 15, 2020

What a wild game

What White misses on move 16he finds on move 17.

Both sides attack, but Black attacks much more.

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The Check is in the Mail: October 2020 | US -

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