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Natalie Shelton and her family have a huge audience on TikTok. She posts videos about their daily lives with lots of humor and heart. But the thing about Natalie's husband is that he's insanely good at riddles. In countless videos, she tries to stump him with different world problems, and he always, always, without fail, figures out the answer. It's hilarious because his ability to figure out these riddles frustrates Natalie to no end! Here are some of our favorites.

Natalie always starts the videos by saying, "Hey babe, I got one for you." That's how he knows it's on. But he's always totally calm and collected and gets it right, which makes Natalie yell out things like, "You're such a brat!" It's too good.

I am so bad at riddles (like, SO bad), but even I got this one! I wonder if it's because of the poster sitting on the counter that says, "Today is the day!" I don't know if that was an intentional hint, but it definitely helped me.

The thing is sometimes these riddles have so much information in them that it's hard even remembering what she just said. I don't understand how his brain so calmly and methodically computes all the information. It's an insane talent!

Because it's not "Is an older $100 bill worth more than a newer one?" it's "Is an older $100 bill worth more than a newer $1?" Get it? I still don't know how he figured it out so quickly.

He's just doing chores, skimming the pool, solving riddles like it's no big deal. I need to know his secret. He repeated this riddle one time and immediately figured out the answer!

The way he says, "You can't play chess by yourself" like it's the most obvious thing in the world is absolutely infuriating. I relate very much to Natalie immediately being like, "You weren't supposed to get that!"

In this one, Natalie simply can't believe that he got it right for the right reasons. I don't blame her. He's too calm! Too collected! Too on top of logic and reason!

This was a hard one! And for a while there, it seemed like maybe she really got him with this one. But he pulled it out at the last minute! Of course it's a pillow! Ugh.

In this one, his daughter was running up and splashing water in his face, and he still wasted no time coming up with the correct answer. "What gets bigger the more you take away?" is not an easy riddle to solve!!! Are there the Olympics of riddle-solving? Because this guy has to be one of the top riddle solvers in the world.

This question seemed so vague and out there that I was convinced this would be the one to stump him. But nope! Not in the least. He just pulled "candle" out like it was nothing. So obvious. I am with Natalie here. I feel her frustration. The day she actually finds a riddle he can't solve will be a very momentous day.


Woman Can't Stump Her Husband With Riddles No Matter How Hard She Tries - Distractify

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