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Sailor Mercury might be hated by some but she is loved by many more!

Sailor Moon is one of the most influential and popular anime series with multiple, manga, anime, video games and even a live-action series. Fans are enamored with the series memorable story and style. But creator Naoko Takeuchi also produced memorable characters each with their own distinct personalities that resonated with fans.

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This is especially the case with Ami Mizuno, the smartest and most gentle member of the Sailor Guardians who supports her friends with her impressive IQ and water-based attacks. However, while fans can pinpoint a multitude of their favorite Ami moments, they can also point out times when they weren't particularly happy with the character.

Labeled as the brains of the Sailor Senshi, few can touch Ami when it comes close to brainpower. Students at her school believe that her IQ is 300. And while Ami's smarts have helped out her friends numerous times, her dedication to studying has been obsessive and has even put in her trouble. For this reason, she wouldn't fit in with Team Avatar!

For example, her obsession to beat out the mysterious Mercurius with exam scores in the short, Ami's First Love, causes the appearance of Bannon, a monster who drains her knowledge away from her. And even when the short is concluded, Ami still races off with obsessive desire to beat the mysterious Mercurius when he ties her again. Ami's high standards when it comes to grades may be an observation on the Japanese Education System, but it's painful to watch her this obsessed at times.

Ami is a kind and gentle character who can be found trying to diffuse the quarrels between her friends. These argument diffusions lead to comedic moments, but she also shows off that gentle nature when it comes to saving innocent lives.

In the original anime episode "Believe in Love! Ami, a Kind Hearted Soldier," she saves the life of Hotaru, who although innocent at this point will ultimately host The Dark Messiah. In the aforementioned episode, Sailor Neptune and Pluto want to stop the Dark Messiah by killing Hotaru but are stopped by Ami mid-fight. It's a brave moment for Ami that shows just how committed she is in regards to saving innocent lives.

With brains, kindness, and a variety of special abilities it would seem that nothing is able to shake Sailor Mercury. But every character has their personal kryptonite, and while for some that's a magical weapon, for Ami it seems to be love letters.

Going back to the short "Ami's First Love" when the Sailor Senshi discovers a love letter in her locker, she reacts by getting a rash and screaming. Meanwhile, her friends note how they would love to have the problem of receiving a love letter. It might be embarrassing for Ami, but not the degree in which she gets a rash and screams.

Everyone has their favorite Sailor Guardianand are willing to pull up any facts or examples from manga, anime, film, to prove why their chosen Scout is the best. But how many can boast their chosen Guardian was consistently the favorite Scout in Japan?

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Sailor Mercury has that distinct honor, as in the publication Animage in 1993, she overtook all the other Scouts as well as other anime characters as the fan favorite in polls. The following year she came in second behind Belldandy and dropped out of the top ten by 1996. Despite this, Mercury fans have absolute bragging rights.

While Sailor Mars might be able to engulf enemies in her flames, or Sailor Jupiter is able to shock with lighting based attacks, most of Sailor Mercury's magical attacks are more defense based. They are useful attacks but lack the impact found from her teammates more offensive attacks.

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For instance, her Shabon Spray or Double Shabon Spray Freezing were used to create fog and lower visibility or lower temperatures. The attacks might have been helpful but still lacked some excitement compared to her teammates. However, this doesn't mean Mercury was devoid of any offensive attacks.

Sailor Mercury may have been the team's strategist providing defensive cover, but she did receive three powerful offensive attacks that helped make her look even cooler. One was Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, introduced in Act 40 of the Manga, where Ami uses the Mercury Harp to deliver a freezing water blast.

There was Mercury Aqua Mirage, used once in the Ami's First Love short that traps her enemy in a pool of water that bursts and destroys them. And finally, there was Shine Aqua Illusion used many times in the anime where Sailor Mercury spins as a huge tower of water swirls around her before being directed at her enemy.

Ami's dream is to become a doctor, and with her High IQ and stickler nature for studying that dream seems completely in reach. She get's an important opportunity to finally advance in the medical field with a chance to study medicine in Germany.

Instead, she only gets as far as the airport before she thinks of her friends and changes her mind. It might be a reminder of the strong bond between Ami and her team, but it also seemed unnecessary given that it was her dream to be in the medical field, and although sad, her friend supported her decision to go to Germany.

For a show that helped define and evolve the Magical School Girl genre, when it comes to Ami, she seems to prefer a little more science mixed in with her magical abilities. Much of the Sailor team can be seen using weapons and devices that are rooted in magic.

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However Ami bucks this trend more being the only one to rely on her computer for help analyzing enemies, before trading that in for special visors that can analyze as well as present them in a virtual reality field. She could access the visor thanks to special earrings, another testament to her technical skills.

Berthier, one of the Sailor Guardian's early encounters from the Spectre Sisters in the anime, gave Sailor Mercury a lot of trouble. Worse, Sailor Mercury failed to have her own comeuppance in a moment that really called for it.

First, Ami winds up transforming into Sailor Mercury in front of Berthier revealing her true identity. Then following up on that revelation, Ami is beaten in a chess game all while Berthier is able to diss her friend Usagi. Instead of using that as fuel to win, Tuxedo Mask comes in order to save the day. It really should have been Ami's moment to score the win.

Sailor Mercury wasn't always the kind and gentle warrior fans are used to seeing. In Act 20 of the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series, a moment of vulnerability leads to Mercury being hit with dark energy and transforming into her evil alter ego Dark Sailor Mercury.

Normally, fans root against the villains, but Dark Sailor Mercury added a unique edge as well as provided a new layer to the character. It was a great twist on Ami' usual kind and gentle nature. She even got her own cool sword. Coupled with her dark design, it's no wonder fans answered back with a huge number of cosplay tribute videos and fan art.

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