In ‘The Zoom Where it Happens,’ Adia Barnes learned tips that could make Wildcats a hoops hit – Arizona Daily Star

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Attendance on the calls grew from eight to 100 during the summer. Coaches watched, and so did executives from companies like Nike and Walmart.

Arkansas coach Mike Neighbors gathered fellow leaders from sports and the corporate world for a summer conference series. The name, The Zoom Where is Happens, is a play on the title of a Hamilton song.

The name of the series The Zoom Where it Happens is a play on the song from Hamilton, The Room Where it Happens.

Barnes said Neighbors is so connected and so good at putting stuff together.

He has a different approach to stuff. He thinks outside of the box with everything, she said. Hes the best at growing the game and sharing knowledge. He loves to do it and I love that about him.

While on the calls, Barnes learned from former Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers assistant Kevin Eastman and author Joshua Medcalf.

Eastman shared NBA stories, focusing on leadership and what it takes to be the best and how to coach them.

Medcalf, who was a mental training coach for UCLAs womens basketball team, taught that you have to train to be clutch.

However, it was Dukes talk that really resonated with Barnes.

She makes decisions not knowing a lot of information, which is similar to basketball, Barnes said.

One of the first things she said was, life is like poker, not chess. Poker is luck with imperfect information. That is similar to coaching. As a coach, we always make decisions with limited information. Every decision in life is poker-like. Your beliefs lead to your decision. Betting and percentages go into making your decisions. In your program you bet on future availability.

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In 'The Zoom Where it Happens,' Adia Barnes learned tips that could make Wildcats a hoops hit - Arizona Daily Star

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