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9/16/2020 CBM? It is the ChessBase Magazine! A postscript? A company magazine? A catalogue? All wrong! The ChessBase Magazine has come to life in 1987, when the first issue contained an incredible 1000 games on floppy disk. Now, ChessBase Magazine evolved with training material for club players at every level. All this is highly topical with the latest analyses of several titled players. Plus popular and recurring formats, tournament reports, opening innovations and traps, strategy training, endgame training and top coaches covering a highlight. All information is available on the new ChessBase magazine website and here in the article.

In 1987 the first edition with floppy disk came out, just one year after ChessBase was founded. What began as an interesting idea took off so quickly that it was practically impossible to imagine life without it. A huge amount of games on the computer and absolutely up-to-date for my database? "Yes, I would like that, please!". Technically-minded chess players thought that this would suit their newly bought computers perfectly.

The good ol' 3.5 floppy disc of the very first CBM edition

That's how it was back then: ChessBase on MS-DOS

Thousands of Games on countless discs. Anybody remembering this time?

33 years later we have arrived at the current issue 197, in which GM Anish Giri talks about his best games in the Italian.

ChessBase Magazine 197

Specials: Anish Giri presents his best games with the Italian + Palma de Mallorca 1970 - an extensive retrospect. Analyses from Biel 2020 by Wojtaszek, Harikrishna, Adams, Keymer et al. Videos by Marin, King and Ris. 11 opening articles and much more!

Your Top Grandmaster analysesAnish Giri presents his best games with the Italian structures, strikes and lots of expertise!

Stars annotateWojtaszek, Harikrishna, Adams, Anton Guijarro, Hbner, Gelfand, Keymer et al.

1970 interzonal tournament Palma de Mallorca 1970An extensive retrospect with game analyses + columns by Marin, Mueller and Reeh

The new choice of championsAlexey Kuzmin checks out 6.Bf4 in the Ragozin Defence

An aggressive gambit against the PhilidorSpyros Kapnisis hits 4...Nbd7 with 5.g4!

A game to remember for years to come!Rustam Kasimdzhanov dissects the epic endgame in Anand-Kramnik from the Legends

50 years ago - Fischer-Larsen 0-1!Simon Williams analyses the Americans only defeat at the IZT 1970 Move by move (Interactive video)

Endgame special: rook endings with four pawns against threeA practical contribution by Thorsten Cmiel featuring 30 annotated examples!

Winning against 5.Bf4/7.c5 in the QGDMichael Adams shows his model victory from Biel

Castling at your own risk!Robert Ris red-flags 6.Ng5 and 7.h4 in the Anti-Sveshnikov

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO PRACTICAL PROFESSIONAL TRAINING.Seize the opportunity and train with the ChessBase Magazine experts. Take your chess to a new level with the help of famous authors such as federal German trainer Dorian Rogozenco, master strategist Mihail Marin or endgame expert Dr Karsten Mller!

CHESS EXPERTS SHARE THEIR KNOWLEDGE WITH YOU.Interactive training units in tactics, strategy and the endgames show you precisely those tricks and techniques which you will need as a successful tournament player! With the ChessBase Magazine you systematically increase your Elo and you do so for each phase of the game!

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You have not yet read the ChessBase Magazine? No problem. We have something for you.

The annual subscription with 6 issues + ChessBase USB stick (128 GB) + the chance of exclusive live coaching with world-class trainers for only 99.90

The trial subscription with 3 issues + 3 months Premium Membership (33% cheaper) for only 39.90

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What is CBM? Here's the answer! - Chessbase News

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